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Virtual 3-Week Scratch Camps for Kids

Scratch is a drag-and-drop coding language developed by MIT that helps kids learn about computer science. In our top-rated Scratch camps, kids learn to code with live instructors in a small-group class. Kids will express their creativity and gain critical thinking and problem-solving skills while building projects and games in Scratch.

Why teach your child Scratch?

Python Classes for Kids, Beginner Friendly

Scratch Is Beginner-Friendly for Kids

The Scratch platform is easy to use and kids can start coding right away. The colorful drag-and-drop blocks means kids won’t have to worry about typing or tricky syntax.

Python Classes for Kids, Real Programming

Kids Learn Real Coding Fundamentals

Scratch teaches coding concepts like variables, lists, loops, and more! These coding fundamentals build the foundation for success when kids learn text-based coding languages.

Python Classes for Kids, Python Powers YouTube

Scratch Is Powerful and Interactive

Kids can build animations and games quickly by remixing projects from other students. They can also share their projects with other kids learning to code in the collaborative Scratch community.

Live, interactive Scratch camps enrolling now!

The Scratch camps are 3-week accelerated version of our Elementary School Core Track. Through engaging instruction and interactive projects, kids are introduced to block programming in Scratch. Our unique camps use the Scratch platform to make learning complex concepts and advanced programming skills fun.

Trustpilot’s #1 rated summer camp!

Elementary school boy in scratch camp

Animations and Games with Scratch

3-week Camp | Ages 8-10

Animations and Games with Scratch is the first course in our Elementary School core track and is an excellent introduction to programming for younger students. Students will learn powerful programming concepts by using Scratch’s easy-to-use interface. Every lesson is spent creating a game or animation that teaches crucial programming skills, such as utilizing and creating variables, implementing loops, and using conditionals. By the end of the course, students will have the ability to code simple Scratch games and animations and will be well prepared to enter Logic with Scratch, the second course in our elementary school program.

Elementary school girl in camp

Logic with Scratch

3-week Camp | Ages 8-10

Logic with Scratch is the second course in our elementary school program. Students build on the foundational skills learned in the previous course, such as variables, data types, lists, arrays, loops, and operators. This course teaches skills that transfer to other languages as students advance from this popular block-based language to writing text-based code. In every lesson, students create a fun game or animation that solidifies the techniques they’ve learned thus far. After finishing Logic with Scratch, students are ready to graduate to text-based programming (using the Python programming language) in our Intro to Text-Based Programming course.

elementary school boy going to coding camp

Intro to Text-Based Programming

3-week Camp | Ages 8-10

Intro to Text-Based Programming is the third course in our elementary curriculum. Learning a text-based language (we use Python in this course) is an important milestone for students as they graduate from the Scratch platform and take their first steps into the world of “real” programming. This course reinforces concepts they’ve learned thus far and gives them the skills to convert the visual blocks from Scratch into written Python code. We use our one-of-a-kind game-based platform to make programming as fun as playing a game. After this course, students will graduate from Wizard Level 1 and are ready to tackle a more serious introduction to the Python programming language in our Programming Fundamentals with Python course.

Happy boy with teacher in scratch camp

The Most Fun and Effective Scratch Camps for Kids

Camp Highlights:

• Beginner-friendly (no prior experience needed)
• Project-based curriculum and learning approach
• Innovative teacher-led online classes
• Small class sizes and personalized support
• Weekly parent updates
• Certification in 3 weeks

Learning Scratch is a great way for kids to start coding!

Camp Tuition

$447 Per Course

Tuition is spread out in 3 payments of $149.
There is no contract. You may cancel anytime within the first 4 class sessions. Full guarantee details.

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CWHQ has a 93% student success rate, compared to 5% for paid, self-paced online video courses and tutorials. That’s an 18x better graduation rate.

Money back guarantee icon

Our goal is to make all students successful. If your child is not happy with our program, notify us within the first 4 class sessions for a full refund. See refund details.

Camp Schedule

All students start in Animation and Gaming in Scratch at Wizard Level I. If you have previous coding experience, take the Advanced Placement test. Returning students can continue with the class where they left off.

Ages 8-10 – Elementary School Coding Class Schedule
Class meeting schedule is 1 hour per day Monday – Thursday for 3 weeks. Required course sequence:
Animation and Games with Scratch -> Logic with Scratch -> Introduction to Text-based Programming
Available Time SlotsJune 3 – June 20July 8 – July 25Aug 5 – Aug 22
9:00 AM –
10:00 AM CT
Animation and Interactive Games with ScratchAnimation and Interactive Games with Scratch

Logic with Scratch
10:00 AM –
11:00 AM CT
Animation and Interactive Games with ScratchLogic with ScratchIntro to Text-based Programming
11:00 AM –
12:00 PM CT
12:00 PM –
1:00 PM CT
Animation and Interactive Games with ScratchLogic with ScratchIntro to Text-based Programming
1:00 PM –
2:00 PM CT
Animation and Interactive Games with ScratchLogic with Scratch
2:00 PM –
3:00 PM CT
Animation and Interactive Games with ScratchLogic with ScratchIntro to Text-based Programming
3:00 PM –
4:00 PM CT
Animation and Interactive Games with Scratch
4:00 PM –
5:00 PM CT
Animation and Interactive Games with ScratchLogic with Scratch
Mother with a daughter
Parents Give Us 5 Stars

Our reviews speak for themselves.

My freshman daughter is having a lot of fun learning to code. She’s presented with entertaining homework that she’s excited to show off. It’s very rewarding to see her so engaged … Overall, we are very pleased.

Benefits of Joining a Scratch Camp this Summer

Summer is the perfect time for kids to learn a new skill like coding. In our Scratch camp, kids learn in a fun, engaging way from top instructors using a structured curriculum that takes them from beginner to pro.

More Scratch Resources for Kids

Fun Scratch Tutorials

Questions? We are here to help.
Easy answers to some common questions

What happens after enrollment?

We will confirm your enrollment, class time and start date through email. After that, we will send a welcome email with all class information.

Why should I enroll now?

We have limited spots available. By enrolling early, you guarantee yourself a spot in the program.

What if I enroll now and something comes up?

3-Week classes. You may cancel anytime within the first 4 sessions, before the fifth session starts for a full refund.

1-Week camps. You may request a full refund at least 7 days before the first scheduled day of camp.

What if I travel during summer?

You can attend our summer coding camp or classes even while traveling. All you need is a computer and a reliable internet connection.

Another option is our winter camp program which offers the same 1-week camp curriculum.

Can my child and their friends be in the same class?

Yes. We are happy to accommodate friend requests when possible, as long as 

  1. students are on the same curriculum

  2. they have previously been enrolled with CodeWizardsHQ

  3. they give a minimum 1 week notice in advance of class start date. We will not be able to rearrange class assignments once classes are filled.

When enrolling siblings it is not assumed that they want to be in the same class. Please email us at [email protected] if you would like students grouped in the same class.

Who is the summer program for?

Our summer coding programs are ideal for kids and teens ages 8-18. Summer programs include 3-week coding classes and 1-week coding camps.

They’re particularly enjoyable for kids with interest in technology or video games. Beginners are welcome, no prior coding experience is needed.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes! All classes have a 100% money-back guarantee. You may cancel anytime within the first 4 sessions, before the fifth session starts. The guarantee does not apply to 1-week camps.

1-week and 2-day summer camps and winter camps have a cancellation refund guarantee. You may request a full refund at least 7 days before the first scheduled day of camp.

See full guarantee details.


More questions? Find answers on our FAQ page.

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