Coding in Scratch is one of the easiest and most fun ways to get started in programming, especially for kids. There’s no setup, downloads, or waiting around. All kids have to do is create an account and they can start coding right away.

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We’ve compiled a few easy Scratch project ideas that are perfect for kids and beginners. You can even remix these projects to make them your own.

Getting started might feel daunting, but it shouldn’t! The best way to learn Scratch is to jump in and start coding. You don’t have to worry about making mistakes because you can easily revert or start over. 

7 Easy Scratch Project Ideas

One way to come up with ideas is to take your favorite simple games and try to replicate them in Scratch. From there, you can customize it to your heart’s desire. Try coding one of these simple and fun Scratch projects and then make it your own:

  1. Rocket Landing
  2. Scratcher Card
  3. Advent Calendar
  4. Candy Collector Game
  5. Dino Egg Hunt
  6. Flying Space Cat
  7. Musical Band

1. Rocket Landing

Safely guide and land your rocket to win this easy and quick game. This game uses conditional logic and the “Sensing” block to fire code when two blocks are touching. 

Rocket Landing Project
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Scratch Project Idea, Rocket Landing

2. Scratcher Card

Create a hand-coded card that reveals a surprise message to the recipient. This project uses the switch costume and background blocks to show changes. These are simple visual effects that can be applied to any project.

Scratcher Card Project
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Scratch Project Idea, Scratcher card

3. Advent Calendar

Give a gift every day leading up to a special event with a holiday advent calendar. Learn how to send messages between sprites using the broadcast blocks and trigger your gifts to show. The broadcast blocks are integral for coding buttons and click events.

Advent Calendar Project
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Scratch Project Idea, advent calendar

4. Candy Collector Game

Grab as much candy as you can before the time runs out with this easy collecting game. You’ll use the motion blocks to make the candy appear in random positions. This is a simple Scratch game kids can complete in less than an hour. 

Candy Collector Game Project
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Scratch Project Idea, candy collector game

5. Dino Egg Hunt

Maze games only take a few steps to build, so are great for Scratch beginners. Travel from one point to another while learning about the “Motion” and “Rotate” blocks. Mazes also introduce basic algorithmic thinking. 

Dino Egg Hunt Project

Scratch Project Idea, dino egg hunt

6. Flying Space Cat

Travel through the galaxy collecting diamonds as the classic Scratch cat. There are minimal sprites to manage in this game and you’ll learn an easy way to code a moving background, otherwise known as parallax scrolling. 

Flying Space Cat Project

Scratch Project Idea, space cat

7. Musical Band

Use the “sound” blocks to put together your own band. Scratch has an entire library of sounds and music that you can add to your project as effects. This project gets you familiar with the sound blocks and connecting them to keyboard and mouse clicks.

Musical Band Project

Scratch Project Idea, musical band

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Kids Can Learn Scratch Coding

Scratch is a block programming language that is really easy to learn. It has a drag-and-drop platform where, instead of writing code, kids only have to drag blocks and connect them to create exciting programs and games. The blocks are color-coded and kids can see their progress immediately in the preview screen.

How can you make games on Scratch?

Setting up your first Scratch project is incredibly easy. In a few minutes, you can have a blank slate to code your own games and applications.

After that, you have a blank canvas to make your Scratch game. Drag and drop the code blocks to create your game. You can also see the code for others’ projects and remix them to create your own new games and apps.

Learn more about how to make a game on Scratch

See Scratch Code Examples

The Scratch platform is perfect for kids because it’s colorful and vibrant, but also very organized and straightforward. Blocks are color-coded and each performs a task. The code blocks match core coding concepts and functionalities like variables, loops, and conditions.

See the Scratch platform and learn what the different types of blocks do with these Scratch code examples.

Download Free Printable Scratch Coding Tutorials PDF

Get the Rocketship Landing game and Flying Space Cat Scratch tutorials in a printable format.

Fun and Effective Scratch Classes for Kids

Kids can learn more about Scratch and how to code games and apps like these through coding classes with CodeWizardsHQ. Our online classes for elementary school coding start with Scratch and students advance to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Students will learn from expert instructors in a fun and interactive way. They code a project during every class and their skills grow with each course. 

These Scratch project ideas are a great example of what you can build in Scratch, even if you’re just a beginner.

If you’re ready to level up, learn more about elementary school coding classes.