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Students will learn object oriented programming with Java. The program contains 2-courses – Introductory Java and Intermediate Java. It prepares students to be successful in the AP computer science course in high school. For ages 14-18. No prior coding experience needed. This course is offered exclusively in the summer as a 3-week class.

About Our AP Computer Science Online Course

How is the class structured?

  • An instructor will teach them in real-time
  • Interactive classes with hands-on coding
  • Small class size (up to 7 students per teacher)
  • Graded assignments and practice projects
  • Weekly parent update on student progress
  • 3-week semesters, total 2 semesters
  • Project-based learning approach
  • Ideal for ages 14-18

What topics will be covered?

  • Variables and Data Types
  • Methods and Parameters
  • Control Statements
  • Multidimensional Arrays
  • Logical Operators
  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism

The CodeWizardsHQ Advantage

Our reviews speak for themselves.

Preparing Students for the AP Computer Science A Course

APCS Program Curriculum

JAVA 1 – Introductory Course

In the introductory course, students will learn the fundamentals of the Java programming language including the structure of a Java program. They will get familiar with programming concepts like variables, data types, methods, control statements, arrays, logical operators etc. It will end with a 2-lesson project involving all material covered in class.

See detailed course curriculum here.

JAVA 2 – Intermediate Course

In the intermediate course, students will build on the concepts learned in the introductory course. They will learn object oriented programming using Java. This includes classes and objects, static methods, encapsulation, inheritance, abstraction, interfaces, polymorphism and more. It will end with a 2-lesson project involving all material covered in class.

See detailed course curriculum here.

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The CodeWizardsHQ program comes with everything your child needs to be successful in learning to code.

All of the below are included at no extra cost.

Interactive Live Classes
Structured and Comprehensive Curriculum
Video Recordings of Every Class
Downloadable Slides for Every Class
1×1 Office Hours (Advanced Courses)
Weekly Progress Report & Alerts
Daily Homework Help
Individual Course Certification
Highly Qualified and Experienced Teachers
24/7 Access to Proprietary Coding Platform

Supportive Online Student Community
Path to Real-World Internship
Hands-on, Project Based Learning

Class Tuition

$447 Per Course

Tuition is spread out in 3 payments of $149.
There is no contract. You may cancel anytime within the first 4 class sessions. Full guarantee details.

Questions? We Are Here to Help.

Answers to frequently asked questions.

What if my child misses a class?

It's easy to catch up. All class sessions are recorded. Recordings along with class slides are made available to the student shortly after the class is over. Students can review the recorded session and slides before the next class. You also have a full suite of beyond-the-classroom benefits, everything your child needs to be successful (even if they miss a class). See full benefits.

What happens after enrollment?

We will confirm your enrollment, class time and start date through email. After that, we will send a welcome email with all class information.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes! All classes have a 100% money-back guarantee. You may cancel anytime within the first 4 sessions, before the fifth session starts. The guarantee does not apply to 1-week camps.

1-week summer camps and winter camps have a cancellation refund guarantee. You may request a full refund at least 7 days before the first scheduled day of camp.

See full guarantee details.


What technology do we need for class?

Students will be using our browser-based code editor to write real code. They don’t need to download or install special software.

You will need the following: 

1) A computer with a keyboard, microphone, and speaker – almost all laptops bought within the last five years ago should have these. Chromebooks and iPads are not compatible with our platform.

2) A web browser installed, like Chrome (recommended) or Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer.; and 

3) A reliable internet connection. Also, a headset is great so students can keep their hands free, but it isn’t required.

See full details on What Technology is Needed for Class.


Can students use tablets?

Unfortunately no. Because they will be writing typed-code and seeing their work in real-time, they need a computer or laptop with a separate keyboard.

More questions? Find answers on our FAQ page.

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