Scratch is a great tool for kids to learn how to code, and it’s completely free! You can use Scratch to make fun games, stories, and animations by dragging and dropping different blocks of code. It’s really easy to use and perfect for beginners who want to be creative and solve problems with coding.

This type of project has proven to be highly interactive and fun in the Scratch classes I’ve taught here at CodeWizardsHQ. In the Elementary School Core Track, students have the opportunity to create their own interactive games while mastering important programming concepts such as variables, loops, and more.

It’s amazing to see how much kids enjoy this type of project and how much they learn along the way.

completed flappy bird scratch game

Play and remix the Flappy Bird game now.

What you need:

  1. Scratch account: Create a free Scratch account

No coding experience is necessary for this Scratch tutorial. Beginner-friendly for kids ages 8 and up. Give it a try!

How to Make Flappy Bird on Scratch

1. Login to Scratch

Login to scratch to build flappy bird

2. Create a New Project

create a new scratch project

3. Name Your New Project

How to Make Flappy Bird on Scratch Name your project

4. Choose a Backdrop

choose a backdrop
Choose a backdrop

5. Choose a Sprite

Choose a sprite
select parrot sprite

6. Resize and position the sprite

How to Make Flappy Bird on Scratch resize and position scratch sprite

7. Add the first code block

Add when green flag clicked

8. Set the sprite’s starting position

How to Make Flappy Bird on Scratch Set sprite position

9. Add gravity to the game

Add gravity to game
Add change position block

10. Make gravity slower

Slow down gravity

11. Make the bird fly up

How to Make Flappy Bird on Scratch When space key pressed block
Motion block

12. Design the Game’s Obstacle

scratch game obstacle
Draw obstacles
draw obstacles

13. Animate the Obstacle

How to Make Flappy Bird on Scratch animate scratch obstacle
animate scratch motion block
glide block

14. Randomly Position the Obstacle

position obstacles in scratch

15. End the Game Upon Collision

How to Make Flappy Bird on Scratch game collision in scratch
game collision in scratch
if then block
if then block

16. Test your game!

completed flappy bird scratch game

Bonus 1 – Adds a points system

1. Create a variable

bonus 1 step 1 flappy bird

2. Name the variable

bonus 1 step 2 flappy bird

3. Then, click the checkbox next to the score variable. This makes the score show up in your game.

bonus 1 step 3 flappy bird

4. Update the score

bonus 1 step 4 flappy bird

5. Test the game!

Bonus 2 – Make the bird’s wings move as you play the game

1. Select the Sprite

bonus 2 step 1 flappy bird

2. Switch the Sprite’s costume

bonus 2 step 2 flappy bird

3. Test the Game

bonus 2 step3 flappy bird

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Try a Scratch Coding Class for Kids

At CodeWizardsHQ, we believe that learning about technology and programming at a young age can help you succeed in the future. Our coding program for kids in elementary school uses Scratch to teach them how to code.

In the first course, Animation and Games with Scratch, students learn important programming concepts like variables, loops, and conditionals. By the end of the course, they will be able to make their own games and animations using Scratch. This helps them get ready for more advanced coding and a future in technology.

Coding in Scratch lets kids learn a useful skill while having fun and discovering something new!