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Camp Description

Intro to Roblox Game Development introduces students to the wonderful world of Roblox game creation! Students will create their own obstacle course (known as an Obby) with Roblox Studio – a free Roblox game editing software. They’ll learn how to add basic elements to their game, such as blocks to jump on, health-damaging obstacles, and moving parts. Students will also touch on fundamental Lua programming concepts. By the end of this 1-week camp, students will have a fully developed obstacle course project and will have the skills to create their own basic Roblox games.

For ages 8-13. Beginners welcome. No homework – All fun!

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Learning Objectives

When students complete Intro to Roblox Game Development, they will be able to:

  • Operate Roblox Studio
  • Create fundamental Roblox games
  • Basic understanding of Lua programming
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  • Roblox camp, getting familiar with Roblox studio
    Day 1 – Getting Familiar With Roblox Studio

    In this first lesson, students get acquainted with how to navigate through Roblox Studio, the game development environment for Roblox games. They begin to develop their very own obstacle course, also known as an obby. They do this by adding some basic shapes and spawn points into their game.

  • Roblox camp, New Obstacles and the Toolbox
    Day 2 – New Obstacles and the Toolbox

    In this lesson, students learn about how to add pre-built objects into their game environment. They customize their own obstacles and take their first steps into script writing with the Lua programming language. They’ll learn basic coding concepts such as variables, loops, and function calls.

  • Roblox camp, Trampolines and Conveyors
    Day 3 – Trampolines and Conveyors

    In this lesson, students will create two new types of obstacles: trampolines and conveyors. They are giving partially completed obstacles and delve deeper into programming with Lua by creating boolean values and conditional statements to complete these obstacles.

  • Roblox camp, Moving Obstacles
    Day 4 – Moving Obstacles

    In this lesson, students learn about creating obstacles that can move back and forth between two points. This involves using more advanced loops and another concept referred to as vectors. Then, they will create blocks that spin in a circle to add another level of difficulty to their obby.

  • Roblox camp, Disappearing Stairs and a VIP Area
    Day 5 – Disappearing Stairs and a VIP Area

    In this final lesson, students will put together everything they’ve learned to create a disappearing stairs stage and their very own obstacle from scratch. They will expand on their knowledge of loops and conditionals in Lua while learning about functions. Then, they work as a team to create a VIP area for those who complete their obstacle course.

Roblox summer camp tech requirements

Technical Requirements

Before the start of camp, students should meet the following requirements:

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Questions? We are here to help

Answers to some commonly asked questions

Where are camps held?

Log in from your home and you will be connected to a live teacher in a secure online classroom. No driving for you!

What happens after my child finishes camp?

Once you finish a 1-week camp, you can continue in the core track based on your child’s age. 

Choose from a 3-week accelerated course or 12-week year round course. These courses are just as fun as our camps and give students a strong foundation of programming knowledge while teaching students how to think like a programmer.

What is required to attend Roblox camp?

The following is required for this camp:

Is this ran by the Roblox Corporation?

No, it is not.  The camp is ran by CodeWizardsHQ for students interested in improving their understanding of Roblox coding!

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