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Give $50 and Get $50 in Tuition

Coding is much more fun with friends. If students invite their friends, they can work on projects together, help each other out and can also motivate each other with some friendly rivalry. Who knows, they might even start a company together.

Get $50 for you and $50 for your friend
..when a friend signs up.

Get $50 when your friend enrolls in our program. How cool is that?

How to Get Your Referral Credit

  1. Tell your friends about the program.
  2. They select Referral in the “How did you hear about CodeWizardsHQ?” section when they enroll and leave your student’s name in the “Who Referred You?” box that appears.
  3. Our team will apply a $50 credit toward your next payment as well as your friend’s next payment.
  4. Oops, your friend forgot to use the code or mention you? Contact us and let us know within a month. We will then credit each of your accounts.

Want to save more? See group pricing options.


When will the referral credit be applied?

Our team will manually apply the referral starting on your second payment.

How can I refer friends?

Simply send your friend a link to our website, and have them select "Referral" in the "How did you hear about CodeWizardsHQ?" section on the enrollment form and then have them enter your student's name. You can send it via Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, text, email, etc.