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Become a Python master.

This track is developed for kids and teens ages 14-18 who want to take a deep dive into Python coding. You’ll learn the syntax and understand the most important concepts as you advance. Your new programming skills will easily translate into the real-world for college and career.

How Our Python Language Track Works

The structure of our Python classes for teens and the 24/7 support engages students to learn, have fun, and develop skills over time while parents stay informed of their progress.

  • New students start in the Beginner Python course
  • No coding experience is required!
  • Every course has 12 lessons
  • 3 core courses make up this track
  • After completing this track, students can continue in the High School Program (skipping Intro to Python)
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Class Tuition

$447 per course

Tuition is spread out in 3 payments of $149.
There is no contract. You may cancel anytime within the first 4 class sessions. Full guarantee details.

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CWHQ has a 93% student success rate, compared to 5% for paid, self-paced online video courses and tutorials. That’s an 18x better graduation rate.

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Our goal is to make all students successful. If your child is not happy with our program, notify us within the first 4 class sessions for a full refund. See refund details.

The CodeWizardsHQ Advantage

Our reviews speak for themselves.

Coding Curriculum for Python Language

Coding for high school students starts with Beginner Python. By the end of the Python Language Track, students will have the skills to build functional applications that can solve real-world problems.

Beginner python level I
Course I

Beginner Python

The Python Language Track starts by building a foundation in programming with Python. Students will build fun apps and games while learning foundational Python language and coding concepts like functions, variables, and data types. They will practice creating interactive programs and managing data with Python data structures. Students gain the logical thinking and reasoning skills needed in coding.

  • Programming fundamentals
  • Overview of basic Python concepts and syntax
  • Create interactive and engaging programs
Intermediate python level II
Course II

Intermediate Python

Students focus on different ways to get data into their programs at the intermediate level. They’ll learn how to read and write TXT/CSV/JSON files, and they’ll explore connecting their applications with external APIs. Students will understand how to build dynamic applications and model real-world data with Python data structures upon completing the course.

  • Manage data from TXT, CSV, and JSON files
  • Model data with Python’s core data structures
  • Use external APIs

Advanced python level III
Course III

Advanced Python

Students in Advanced Python understand how to manipulate data from diverse sources (the filesystem or external APIs). In this course, they’ll learn how to work with the remainder of Python’s built-in data structures, how to build more robust programs that handle errors gracefully, and how to manipulate the filesystem programmatically.

  • Work with tuples, sets, and multi-dimensional lists
  • Validate external data and handle errors gracefully
  • Manipulate the filesystem programmatically

Class Schedule

All students start in the first course, Beginner Python. If you have previous coding experience, take the Advanced Placement test. Returning students can continue with the class where they left off.

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Questions? We Are Here to Help.

Easy answers to some common questions.

What if my child misses a class?

It's easy to catch up. All class sessions are recorded. Recordings along with class slides are made available to the student shortly after the class is over. Students can review the recorded session and slides before the next class. You also have a full suite of beyond-the-classroom benefits, everything your child needs to be successful (even if they miss a class). See full benefits.

How much does a course cost?

All courses meet for 12 class sessions with an associated cost of $447 (3 payments of $149 per course), unless specified otherwise. The price includes a full suite of beyond-the-classroom benefits that your child needs to be successful. For a full list of what's included, please see pricing details page.

Is there a sibling discount?

Yes, we have a significant discount for siblings. Siblings receive a $50 discount per payment, a total $150 per course. Regular students pay $447, 3 payments of $149 per course. Siblings pay $297, 3 payments of only $99 per course. For full details of the sibling discount and how to get it, please see our sibling discounts page.

What if my child already has some experience in Python?

If your child has good prior coding experience in Python, then take a placement exam to skip to the next course. However, those with programming experience will still benefit from taking the first course.

We highly recommend that you review the full course curriculum and feel confident about knowing that material before taking the placement exam. 

What if my student needs help between classes?

You will have access to a full suite of beyond-the-classroom benefits that includes everything your child needs to be successful. We're here to support their learning when they need us. See full benefits.

More questions? Find answers on our FAQ page.

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If you have previous coding experience, then take the placement test to advance in our program.

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