Scratch coding for kids is one of the easiest and most fun ways to get started with learning to code. Kids can easily experiment in Scratch’s drag-and-drop platform or take a Scratch coding class to build their skills. Try this simple Scratch tutorial for kids for an introduction to coding in Scratch.

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Complete this Scratch tutorial for kids to build a Rocket Landing game.

Complete rocket landing scratch tutorial

Play and remix the Rocket Landing game now. Safely land your rocketship on the platform to win.

What you need:

  1. Scratch account: Create a free Scratch account

No coding experience is necessary for this Scratch tutorial. Beginner-friendly for kids ages 8 and up. Give it a try!

Step 1: Create a new Scratch project

Let’s start by creating a new project. 

Visit, login to your account, and click on the “Create” button.

Scratch tutorial step 1

Now, we can code your Rocket Landing game! 

Hint: You can also remix this project and others to see the code.

X, Y positioning in Scratch

Before we move on, let’s talk about x and y coordinates. In Scratch, your images are called sprites.

Scratch uses x, y coordinates to position sprites on the screen. You might have seen these in math class. 

We’ll use these (x, y) coordinates to position our sprites and change these coordinates to move them.

Scratch xy position coordinates

Step 2: Add a space backdrop

A new project will open up and you will see the Scratch interface. 

Hint: Get creative! Choose any backdrop you want from the library or upload your own.

Scratch tutorial add a space backdrop

Step 3: Add a Rocketship sprite

Let’s create our player sprite by choosing the rocketship.

In order to run our code in Scratch, use the “When Green Flag Clicked” block to get started.

Scratch tutorial add rocketship
Add a space backdrop gif

Hint: You can also upload your own Spaceship or use the “Paint” option to draw one.

Step 4: Move the Rocketship sprite 

To move our rocketship right and left using arrows, we will use “Events” blocks.

Scratch tutorial move rocketship

We also want our rocketship to move down towards the platform. 

Scratch tutorial move rocketship

Hint: Change the 5 and -5 values to move your rocketship more or less with each click

Scratch tutorial move rocketship

Step 5: Add the platform sprite and move it

Let’s create a moving platform to land our spaceship. 

Scratch tutorial add platform sprite

We want our platform to move randomly, so we need a variable to hold a random x value. To add code, go to the “Code” tab.

Scratch tutorial add platform sprite

Step 6: Add “Game Over” sprite

We need some text to tell us when the game is over.

We only want this sprite to show if our rocketship reaches the bottom. Go back to the code tab to add code to this block.

Hint: Use the text option to write any message you want when the game is over.

Scratch tutorial add game over sprite
Add game over sprite gif

Step 7: Add “You Win!” sprite

We also need some text to tell us when we’ve successfully landed.

We only want this sprite to show if our rocketship touches the platform. Since we duplicated this sprite, it should already have the code to hide the block when the green flag is clicked.

Hint: Change the color of the box and the text to personalize your message.

Scratch tutorial add you win sprite
Add you win sprite gif

Step 8: Add game logic to rocketship

Depending on where the rocketship lands, we will display a different message. We need to broadcast the information to the other sprites get the right message. 

Scratch tutorial add game logic
Add game logic gif

Step 9: Add game logic to “You Win!” and “Game Over”

Depending on where the rocketship lands, we will display a different message. We need to broadcast the information to the other sprites get the right message. 

Scratch tutorial add game logic lose

Do the same thing for the “You Win!” sprite

Scratch tutorial add game logic win
Add game logic gif

Your Rocket Landing game is complete! Play Rocketship Landing game.

Click the green flag and give it a try. If you want to let other people see your project and remix it, click the “Share” button at the top. 

Complete rocket landing scratch tutorial

You can “see inside” our completed Rocketship Landing game to get a peek at the full Scratch code.

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Is Scratch programming easy?

Scratch coding is a block programming language that is really easy to learn. What makes Scratch so easy is its drag-and-drop platform. It allows kids to start learning without advanced typing skills. Even though it’s easy to use, it can teach kids important programming concepts like variables, loops, if-else statements, conditions, and more. Not only that, there is no setup that needs to be done. Kids can login and start coding Scratch games and apps right away!

How do you learn Scratch programming for kids?

There are many online resources for kids to learn how to code in Scratch. The Scratch site has a directory of Scratch tutorials or you can check out our list of fun Scratch tutorials to help you get started. There are also plenty of YouTube videos from teachers and other kids learning to code in Scratch.

If your child wants to dive deeper into Scratch, consider taking a Scratch class for kids. Students in our elementary school coding program, for ages 8-11, start learning to code with Scratch and advance to other languages like HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and Python. They’ll learn fundamental coding concepts in the Scratch platform by building fun projects and applications that they can personalize and share. From there, the possibilities are endless!