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What is placement testing?

Placement testing is for students who have prior coding experience and would like to skip a particular class in our structured program. Placement tests are only available for the first 3 classes in each of our programs.

How does it work?

Classes Available For Testing

Elementary School Classes (Required course sequence below)
  1. Animation and Games with Scratch (See Curriculum)
  2. Logic with Scratch (See Curriculum)
Middle School Classes (Required course sequence below)
  1. Introduction to Programming (See Curriculum)
  2. Beyond Basics with Python (See Curriculum)
High School Classes (Required course sequence below)
  1. Intro to Python (See Curriculum)
  2. Fundamentals of Web Development (See Curriculum)
  3. User Interface Development (See Curriculum)


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Answers to some common questions

Is there a particular order that tests must be taken in?

Yes. Placement tests must be taken in the order they are listed above.

Can I test out of multiple classes at the same time?

Not at the same time, no. Classes must be tested out of one at a time. Apply for multiple tests if you wish to test out of multiple classes.

I am already enrolled in the CodeWizardsHQ program. Will my payment transfer to the new class?

Yes. Payment will transfer to the new class as long as the current class is less than halfway complete.

Are there refunds for placement tests?

No. We do not offer refunds for placement tests, but we will credit testing fees toward your next payment if you choose to enroll in our program.