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Required Technology

Optional Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Mac or a PC okay?

Yes, you may use either a Mac or a PC computer.

Is there any software to download?

No, all classes and platforms are browser-based.

Use the Right Tools for the Job

Technology issues can easily affect your child’s learning experience. See the required technology listed below and do a test run of new systems and logins before the first day of class to minimize technological issues.


Every class requires a laptop or desktop computer. A larger screen is better, so your child can see the teacher’s lesson slides and their own code at the same time.

We do not recommend using an iPad to take class. If you do use an iPad, we highly suggest using a keyboard attachment.


Your computer or laptop should have working speakers so your child can hear the teacher’s instruction.


Your computer or laptop should have a working microphone. We encourage students to participate, answer questions, and interact with other students using their microphones.


Headphones can improve your child’s hearing of the teacher’s instructions and limit distractions. Your child may also use headphones with an attached microphone.


Students will access the Zoom classroom and their code editor through a web browser. We recommend using Chrome, you may also use Firefox, Safari, or IE.

Reliable Internet Connection

Every class requires a browser and a reliable internet connection in order to run the Zoom classroom. If your internet connection is unstable you may lose connection to the classroom or code editor.

Web Camera

Students can use a web camera to interact with the teacher on video. Most new computers will have an attached video camera, you can also buy an external web camera.

The recommended setup for students is to place 2 screens side by side with the teacher’s Zoom screen in one and their own code editor in another. If you have two monitors, you can also display each screen on a different monitor.

split screen class setup