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What’s Included:

24 Total Lessons

24 lessons including a Capstone project for our Scratch program for grades 3-6

(our Python program for grades 6-9 will be available starting January 1, 2022).

Grading Rubrics

An easy-to-understand matrix for grading projects from each lesson

Lesson Plans, Videos & Slides

Full lesson plans, videos and slide decks for every lesson

Coding Club Platform

Teacher and student access to our Coding Club platform

There are so many benefits to teaching kids how to code, but most schools aren’t able to fit in a full coding curriculum during the regular school day. An after school coding club is a great way to provide this extra STEM instruction, and CodeWizardsHQ is here to make it as easy as possible for you to get a coding club up and running at your school!

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  • A Quality Coding Education

    As a leader in online coding education since 2015, CodeWizardsHQ has taught thousands of students in elementary, middle, and high school how to code. Our structured curriculum focuses on teaching kids of all learning styles and levels real world programming through fun and engaging projects. We’ve adapted this successful curriculum to make it easy for any educator to launch a coding club at their school.
  • Teacher Support

    We understand that not every educator has a background in coding or may not have the time to learn a new skill to sponsor a club. As part of the school licensing fee, the school sponsor will receive detailed lesson plans, slide decks, lesson videos, and projects that will ensure a fun and educational coding club experience for all students. All teacher resources are located directly in our platform so they’re easy to access.
  • Cost Effective for Schools

    Our goal is to make coding education obtainable for all students. Our all-inclusive program and transparent pricing makes Coding Club easy and affordable to add to your after school activities.


How long is each Coding Club lesson?

Each Coding Club meeting starts with a pre-work section, which includes a short quiz that is automatically graded, a video lesson, and time to work on that week’s project. Each club meeting is designed to last for 45-60 minutes.

What if a student misses a club meeting?

If a student is absent, they can easily catch up on what they missed. Students can access all club materials (notes, video, projects, etc.) at any time by logging into the club platform.

Will you provide any ways for me to market my club?

The school licensing fee includes a marketing kit to help spread the word to students and families. The marketing kit includes a letter to parents, a printable flyer, and a post for social media.

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