Kids and teens can start coding right now using these free and engaging coding projects. They’ll discover the fun of creating websites, apps, and games where they can express their ideas and creativity.

Coding projects are a great way to practice coding skills or learn new ones, that’s why our students build projects in every class. We’ve compiled a list of tutorials and student projects for your child to use. There’s room to personalize and expand on these projects too.

Kids and teens can use these project ideas and tutorials as inspiration for their own! 

Try Coding With a Step-by-Step Project Tutorial

These projects have step-by-step instructions for coding a game in Scratch, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and Python. They are all beginner-friendly so kids and teens can start with no experience. Choose a project by language or age:

Scratch Coding Projects (Ages 8-10)

How to Make a Platformer on Scratch

How to make a platformer game coding project

Code this interactive game called “A Chick’s Adventure”  in Scratch. As the baby chick flies through the air, make sure she stays safe and doesn’t fall.

Project Skills: Loops, positions, conditional logic, events

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How to Make Flappy Bird on Scratch

How to Make Flappy Bird in Scratch

Drag and drop your way to a simple Flappy Bird game. Fly through the air avoiding obstacles. The game stops when the bird collides with the pipes.

Project Skills: Loops, game logic, events, animation, randomize

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Flying Space Cat Project

flying space cat scratch project

In this project, Space cat collects crystals in a galaxy far far away. Collect as many crystals as possible to fuel his spaceship!

Project Skills: Loops, conditional logic, events, animation, sounds, scores

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Valentine’s Day Card Scratcher Activity

Valentine Scratcher coding project

Make your loved one’s Valentine’s Day with a handmade, hand-coded card. Add a personal touch with your own messages.

Project Skills: Loops, positions, events, animation, sounds

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Holidays Advent Calendar Project

Christmas Advent Coding Calendar

Create a digital advent calendar you can personalize and share with someone you care about. 

Project Skills: Loops, conditional logic, events 

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Halloween Candy Collector Game

Scratch Coding Project for Kids Halloween

Your ghost collects as much candy as possible in different settings. Code and play this game and customize it for any season.

Project Skills: Loops, game logic, events, animation, randomize

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HTML/CSS Projects (Ages 11-13)

Thanksgiving Matching Game

Thanksgiving Coding Activity

Code a Thanksgiving matching game in HTML and CSS and play it with your family and friends. It’s a memory challenge game and also comes with printable coloring pages.

Project Skills: jQuery, images, CSS styling, 3D transformations

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Holiday Card Project

html css holiday coding project for kids

Personalize a holiday card with your style or match the gift you’re sending. Dazzle your friends and family with your coding skills and a thoughtful card too. 

Project Skills: Images, CSS styling, Google Fonts

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JavaScript Projects (Ages 11-13)

Disappearing Snowman Project

Disappearing Snowman JavaScript tutorial

This is a guessing game that uses simple JavaScript code to power the game functions. Add your own words to test your players.

Project Skills: Functions, CSS styling, events, variables, loops, conditional logic

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Rock, Paper, Scissors Game

RPS javascript tutorial

Make a digital version of the classic Rock, Paper, Scissors game using emojis. You can also level up this game by adding additional features. 

Project Skills: Functions, arrays, events, loops, conditional logic

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Easter Egg Hunt Game

JavaScript Easter game

Easy tutorial using JavaScript and jQuery. Players find the Easter eggs for a fun surprise. Project Skills: jQuery, animations, events, variables, conditional logic

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Python Projects (Ages 11-18)

Random Dad Jokes Generator

random dad joke project

Everyone loves a good dad joke, right? This app uses API data to select a random dad joke that makes you smile.

Project Skills: Functions, APIs, dictionaries, Loops, Conditional statements, User input

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Pig Dice Game

Pig python coding project

Pig is a dice game that you can play with friends or against the computer Build this easy arithmetic game from an empty Python file.

Project Skills: Functions, variables, f-strings, loops, Conditional statements, game logic

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