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JavaScript Courses for Ages 8-18

JavaScript is a great skill for kids at almost any age. With animations and user interactions, children can bring applications and websites to life while learning foundational coding concepts in a fun way. Kids can use these skills in computer science, mobile app development, or game programming. Explore the JavaScript classes for kids in our coding programs to learn more.

JavaScript Classes for Elementary School

Start your child on the right path with the power of strong computational thinking and problem-solving skills. Coding in elementary school helps young children build a solid foundation in programming. As they advance they will be building games and not just playing them.

Programming - Lesson 1 - Outer Space Background

Intro to Real World Programming

Kids will write their first lines of code in a very useful scripting language — JavaScript. In this class, your children will go from drag and drop to written programming and will start to get a sense for what real programmers are doing in design and development.

E21_ Fundamental Programming concepts - Lesson 1 - Quick Refresher

Fundamental Programming Concepts

Now that students have a good programming groundwork, they can get a better understanding of different programming conventions and standards while programming in JavaScript. They’ll learn how to code like a professional and properly write DRY code.

E21_ Fundamental Programming concepts - Lesson 1 - Quick Refresher

Web Development for Kids 2

Students will make websites come to life by adding animations and interactions with JavaScript. In this class, students gain a deep understanding of JavaScript and start creating complex websites and applications.

JavaScript Classes for Middle School

Build your child’s JavaScript coding skills and self confidence in a fun, approachable way. Middle school students will learn to code with JavaScript by building interactive games and applications. They’ll be able to solve problems and develop analytical thinking as they advance.

Interactivity using Javascript - Level 1 - Library Background

Interactive Web with JavaScript

Adding on to their web development knowledge, students learn JavaScript to create stunning, dynamic websites. In this class, students learn about code logic and build responsive websites and applications.

M21_ User Interface Development_ Lesson 1 - JS Refresher

Web Interfaces

Students will use new tools along with JavaScript such as jQuery, Ajax, flexbox, APIs, and more. In this class, your child will produce useful web applications as well as a portfolio-quality final project.

Application Programming Interfaces MS23 Lesson 1

Mastering APIs

APIs allow different applications to interact and share all kinds of useful information. Students will learn about how to build more robust applications with third-party APIs and JavaScript promises.

JavaScript Classes for High School

Prepare your child for college and career by learning JavaScript. We teach JavaScript to high school students as they advance in web development and connect those front-end skills to back-end logic in Python.

fundamentals of web development lesson 1

Fundamentals of Web Development

Use all the tools needed to create all websites and web applications. In this class, kids learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript by coding fun and interactive websites as well as having an in-depth discussion about the different tools and nuances that come with each language.

ui development lesson 1

User Interface Development

The UI is such a huge and important part of web and game development and can add to the user’s experience and drive behavior if done well. In this class, your child learns how to code responsive websites with JavaScript.

M32 APIs banner

APIs and Databases

Using 3rd party APIs, kids can develop more robust applications and games. They’ll learn about applications with persistent data across sessions like usernames and passwords or high scores in games.

Students Can Build Skills for Tomorrow With Coding

JavaScript courses for kids teach coding skills that they can use throughout school and their chosen career. Whether they go into business, design mobile applications, or study robotics, JavaScript knowledge can come in handy. In addition, students learn valuable life skills that will benefit them at any age, whether they choose coding as a career or not.

Skills Learned in JavaScript Coding Courses

96.6% of developers have at least an intermediate knowledge of JavaScript coding.

Bring applications to life with interactivity and dynamic content. JavaScript coding skills are critical for any developer and teach children to think programmatically.

How Proficient are you at JavaScript
JavaScript Coding Class Highlights

JavaScript Coding Course Highlights

  • Real-world coding skills (no drag and drop)
  • Interactive classes with hands-on coding exercises
  • Project-based curriculum and learning approach
  • Innovative instructor-led online classes
  • Small class size (6-8 students per instructor)
  • Beginner Friendly (no prior coding experience needed)
  • Weekly parent updates on student progress
  • Join a community of kids learning to code
  • Get certified in 12-weeks
Parents Give Us 5 Stars
Parents Give Us 5 Stars

Our reviews speak for themselves.

One of the best decisions I made to further develop my son’s interest in coding. He has been attending weekly classes for more than a year and it has kept him engaged, challenged and entertained.

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The CodeWizardsHQ program comes with everything your child needs to be successful in learning to code.

All of the below are included at no extra cost.

Interactive Live Classes
Structured and Comprehensive Curriculum
Video Recordings of Every Class
Downloadable Slides for Every Class
1×1 Office Hours (Advanced Courses)
Weekly Progress Report & Alerts
Daily Homework Help
Individual Course Certification
Highly Qualified and Experienced Teachers
24/7 Access to Proprietary Coding Platform

Supportive Online Student Community
Path to Real-World Internship
Hands-on, Project Based Learning

Class Tuition

$447 Per Course

Tuition is spread out in 3 payments of $149.
There is no contract. You may cancel anytime within the first 4 class sessions. Full guarantee details.

93% success rate

CWHQ has a 93% student success rate, compared to 5% for paid, self-paced online video courses and tutorials. That’s an 18x better graduation rate.

Money back guarantee

Our goal is to make all students successful. If your child is not happy with our program, notify us within the first 4 class sessions for a full refund. See refund details.

Questions? We Are Here to Help.

Easy answers to some common questions.

What course should I start with in elementary school?

The first course is Animation and Games with Scratch in the core track. Upon successful completion of the first course, students progress through our structured and progressive curriculum in the order that they are listed on the curriculum page. See the placement testing page if your student has significant coding experience and would like to start at a higher level in the core track.

What ages / grades are the classes for?

Our classes are designed for students 8-18 years old, or for grades 3rd to 12th. 7 year olds who are interested in technology will also enjoy our CWHQ Junior Program. No prior coding experience is required. If your child is outside this age range or you’re searching for adult classes, please contact us for other options.

I have a 10 year old, which program should I enroll?

Most 8-10 year old students should start with the Animation and Games with Scratch in the core track. If you’re 10, you may choose the middle school core track if you are confident about text-based programming and your typing speed is 25 wpm with 90% accuracy. After you complete the online enrollment, take a typing test then email a screenshot of your results to [email protected] to be placed in the middle school core track.

My child already knows Scratch. What do I do?

If your child has good prior coding experience in Scratch, then take a placement exam to skip to the next course in the core track.

We highly recommend that you review the full course curriculum and feel confident about knowing that material before taking the placement exam. 

I have a 13 year old, which program should I enroll?

Most students ages 11-13 should start with Intro to Programming with Python in the core track. If you’re 13, you can enroll in the high school core track if you feel comfortable learning at a slightly faster pace.

What course should I start with in middle school?

The first course in the middle school core track is Intro to Programming with Python. Upon successful completion of the first course, students progress through our structured and progressive curriculum in the order that they are listed on the curriculum page. See the placement testing page if your student has significant coding experience and would like to start at a higher level in the program.

More questions? Find answers on our FAQ page.

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