Scratch is a simple drag-and-drop coding language for children to learn basic programming skills. Kids can build all kinds of games and apps in Scratch. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make a platformer game in Scratch.
With the Scratch classes I’ve taught, kids always enjoy the exceptional interactivity and enjoyment Scratch offers. In our Elementary School Core Track, students can craft their own interactive games while learning fundamental programming concepts like variables, loops, and more.

Try this tutorial to learn about accepting user input, adding player controls, checking for collisions between two sprites, and more. Let’s get started!

Play and remix the Chick’s Adventure game now.

What you need:

  1. Scratch account: Create a free Scratch account

No coding experience is necessary for this Scratch tutorial. Beginner-friendly for kids ages 8 and up. Give it a try!

How to Make a Platformer on Scratch

  1. Set up the Project
  2. Set the Scene
  3. Add Gravity to the sprite
  4. Add platforms for the sprite to jump on
  5. Add the user controls
  6. Change the levels
  7. Bonus: Make a way to win or lose

Step 1: Set up the Project

In this section, you will create a new Scratch project, give it a name, and save it so you can get started on your platformer game!

1. Login to Scratch

2. Create a New Scratch Project

3. Name the project and delete the Scratch cat

4. Save the project

Step 2: Set the Scene

For this section, you will add the backdrop and a sprite for the player to control, which will set the scene for your platformer game! 

1. Add a backdrop to your game!

Great, now your backdrop should show up!

2. Select a Player Sprite

Awesome job, you should now have a sprite on your screen that is sized how you want! Click and drag the sprite around to move them to a new spot!

Step 3: Add Gravity to the Sprite

In this section, you will learn how to use multiple motion blocks to change the player’s position and move them downwards on a loop, which will simulate gravity.

1. Detect when the game is being played

2. Make the sprite move downwards on a loop

3. Set the sprite’s initial position

Step 4: Add platforms for the sprite to jump on

In this section, you will add platforms for the player to jump on to avoid falling. Once the player touches a platform, you will make it so gravity turns off until they aren’t touching the platform anymore!

1. Add a platform for the sprite

2. Make it so the sprite can’t go through the platform

Step 5: Add the user controls

In this section, you will allow the player ot move their sprite back and forth in the game, which will make it so they can eventually switch levels. You will also make it so the player can jump from platform to platform!

1. Allow the player to move left or right

Great work so far! Does your sprite move back and forth with the left and right arrow keys?

2. Make the player jump

Step 6: Change the levels

In this section, you will create a checkpoint that the player must touch to switch to the next level. You will be able to use your creativity to develop multiple levels using this method.

1. Add a checkpoint

2. Change levels when the checkpoint is touched

Nice job! Do the platforms switch? From here, you can adjust each costume to make new levels.

Bonus Step: Make a way to win or lose

In this bonus section, you will make a way for the player to win by reaching a certain level, or lose by falling from the platforms! You will also create win and lose game screens for when this happens.

1. Create the win and lose backdrops

2. Make the player lose if they fall off the platform

Does the lose screen display when the player falls off a platform?

3. Make the player win if they beat the last level

Test your game, can you win?

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