In programming, as in many other disciplines, practice makes perfect. Programming is about doing and, for programmers, that means sitting at the keyboard writing code. Building Python projects for kids is one of the best ways to solidify programming fundamentals and learn new techniques if you’re beginning your journey as a Python programmer. 

View 10 Beginner Python Projects for Kids

Once you gain confidence following step-by-step tutorials to code projects, you can start to modify these projects to your liking or create projects from scratch without instructions. 

Don’t be afraid to work on projects; that’s how you’ll learn and grow as a programmer!

Fun Python Projects For Kids and Beginners

At CodeWizardsHQ, we focus on learning fundamental programming concepts through building simple projects. Our coding classes take a project-based approach (as opposed to an exercise-based one) that helps to keep kids engaged and see the practical use cases of each new programming concept as they learn them. Kids will have many projects to showcase and reference after completing each course. Using something you’ve programmed is much more satisfying than pointing to a bunch of stale exercises you finished!

If you’re hitting a roadblock on what to build, try one of these fun Python projects for kids and beginners. You’ll practice core Python skills while also creating something useful, or at least fun. These projects will get your creative juices flowing and inspire your own Python project ideas.

10 Beginner Python Projects for Kids

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1. Mad Libs

Mad Libs is a popular game where you fill in the blanks in a sentence with a type of word (verb, noun, adjective, etc.) and the sentence changes depending upon which word you pick for each type. This app allows you to create the Mad Lib (or use the one we’ve provided) and prompt a user to fill in the blanks.

Mad Libs

Python project, mad libs game

Python Skills:

2. Guess The Number

Working with randomness and loops is important when programming, and a “Guess The Number” app allows you to practice both concepts. In this app, you’ll ask a user to repetedly guess a number between 1 and 10 and tell them if they are too high or too low. The user can keep guessing the number until they get it right. At the end, the user is told how many turns it took them to guess the number.

Python Skills:

Guess The Number

Python projects, guess the number

3. Random Nickname Generator

In this project, you’ll prompt a user for their first and last names and then you’ll insert a random nickname between their first and last names. Although it sounds simple, you’ll be using many core programming concepts to get this app to work!

Python Skills:

Random Nickname Generator

Python project, nickname generator

4. Quiz App

This project allows users to take a quiz to test their knowledge of different programming langauges. The number of correct/incorrect answers are tracked and the user recieves different messages depending on how well they did on the quiz.

Python Skills:

Quiz App

Python projects, quiz app

5. Strong Password Generator

When browsing the internet, you’re often asked to create a user account with a strong password to protect your account from hackers. In this app, you’ll learn how to create strong, secure passwords using Python!

Python Skills:

Strong Password Generator

Python projects, password generator

6. Python Chatbot

Chatbots are very common these days, and Python can be used to program a simple or sophisticated chatbot. The chatbot in this app will respond to a few standard commands and do things like give users a random fact and perform simple math operations.

Python Skills:

Python Chatbot

Python project, chatbot

7. Atbash Cipher

Python is a popular language for cybersecurity professionals, and a cipher app is a good way to practice some basic cryptography skills. In this app, a user can encrypt or decrypt a phrase using the Atbash cipher, which is one of the oldest substitution ciphers in existence. 

Python Skills:

Atbash Cipher

python project, atabash cipher

8. Video Game Browser

Python excels at sifting through large datasets. In this app, a user can browse a large dataset of video game data and search through the data using a keyword to pull relevant results matching that keyword.

Python Skills:

Video Game Browser

Python project, video game browser

9. Random Dad Jokes

Everyone loves a good dad joke, right? In this app, you’ll see how Python is can be used to pull data from an external API (Application Programming Interface) and use that data to make something goofy like a random dad joke generator. 

Python Skills:

Random Dad Jokes

Python project, dad jokes

10. Current Weather App

Have you ever left the house without your umbrella, only to get covered in rain? In this app, you’ll see how Python can be used to pull weather data from an API based on a user’s current location. 

Python Skills:

Current Weather App

Python project, weather app

Download Python Projects Source Code

If you want to see the source code behind these 10 Python projects, download the full code for free. These code examples are great for practicing skills you’ve learned and inspiring your own custom projects. 

What can a kid do with Python?

Python is a versatile, general-purpose programming language. You can build nearly any kind of app in Python, but the most common uses are web development, data science, AI/ML, cybersecurity, scientific computing, and automation. 

Here are some types of apps you’ll often see Python used to create:

Free Python Project Resources

Due to its popularity, there are hundreds of free resources on the web for learning Python. Some are interactive and proceed in small chunks, while others are more academic-focused and go very deep into the language. Whatever your level of experience or interest, there’s something for you in the Python learning ecosystem! Here are some excellent resources for learning Python:

Kids Can Learn to Code in Python

You can learn to code Python apps like those shown above at CodeWizardsHQ. We teach Python (and HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL) throughout our structured coding classes (in elementary, mid