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Class Projects

Intro to Python

  • H112 Lesson 01 Gif

    Project 1: Intro to Python

    Introduce yourself with code.
  • H112 Lesson 02 Gif

    Project 2: User Input

    Build a chatbot that talks back.
  • H112 Lesson 03 Gif

    Project 3: Working with Data

    Take restaurant orders with a custom app.
  • H112 Lesson 04 Gif

    Project 4: Making Decisions – Part 1

    Use conditionals to build a quiz game.
  • H112 Lesson 05 Gif

    Project 5: Making Decisions – Part 2

    Build a Guess The Number game using modules.
  • H112 Lesson 06 Gif

    Project 6: Loops – Part 1

    Pick heads or tails in your Coin Toss app.
  • H112 Lesson 07 Gif

    Project 7: Functions

    Use an app to convert between Celsius and Farenheit.
  • H112 Lesson 08 Gif

    Project 8: Lists

    Add, remove, and update lists with an Inventory Tracker
  • H112 Lesson 09 Gif

    Project 9: Loops – Part 2

    Twist your words using loops.
  • H112 Lesson 10 Gif

    Project 10: Reading From File

    Build a manager for your important contacts.
  • H112 Lesson 11 Gif

    Project 11: Final Project – Part 1

    Combine your skills in a Rock, Paper, Scissors games.
  • H112 Lesson 12 Gif

    Project 12: Final Project – Part 2

    Add features to finish a Rock, Paper, Scissors games.

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