Coding has become an important and relevant skill for kids today. Whether you want to help your child become a computer programmer or simply expand their computer science knowledge, you probably know there any many benefits to coding for kids. While the benefits are exciting, learning how to actually code may seem like more of a chore to kids than a great opportunity. 

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That’s where coding games come in. In our coding classes for kids, our philosophy is to help kids learn to code in a fun way. Kids play and build games in every class which keeps them engaged and learning.

To get your child excited about coding, we’ve put together a list of the best coding games for kids. These games teach programming skills and make it fun too. They’re organized by grade and age level, so your child is sure to find the perfect game for them.

Best Coding Games for Kids in Preschool

1. Code Karts

codekarts coding game

Platforms: iOS, Android

Pricing: Free

Ages: 4+

Best Because: Code Karts introduces coding concepts to young children through the use of logical puzzles in the form of a fun racetrack. With over 70 different levels and two different game modes, kids will have no shortage of entertainment or variety when it comes to this app.

The objective of this coding game is to use directional bricks to get their race car to the finish line, providing a stimulating coding environment.

Code Karts also comes in more than 20 different languages, bringing the fun to a wide audience, and young children will easily learn the fundamentals of code as well as directions and logic.

2. CodeMonkey Jr.

Codemonkey jr game

Platforms: Browser

Pricing: Free trial ($6/month)

Ages: 4-8

Best Because: CodeMonkey Jr. is a block-based coding game for kids in Pre-K and Kindergarten. Drag and drop coding is perfect for kids at this age to learn the basics of programming. In this game, they’ll join a monkey on a mission to collect bananas in a world of fun colors and characters. Kids can start with no experience, they don’t even need to know their ABC’s. The challenges progress as they learn about logic, loops, sequencing, algorithms, and more!

3. Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set

Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set

Platforms: Board game

Pricing: $59.99

Ages: 4+

Best Because: Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set is a screen-free way to teach foundational coding skills to even the youngest of programmers. It includes double-sided coding cards, a Programmable Robot Mouse, cheese wedge, and a special Activity Guide that allows kids to create endless maze paths for their mouse.

Once their specific maze is created, kids set up the coding cards to instruct their mouse where to go. The mouse can even light up, make sounds, and features two different speeds, keeping the game interactive and engaging.

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4. Bee-Bot

bee bot coding toy

Platforms: iOS

Pricing: $74.95

Ages: 3+

Best Because: The Bee Bot app was designed specifically to help young children grow their programming skills and sequencing abilities through the use of a fun and interactive game. Based on the lovable floor robot, the app features 12 different levels which progressively get harder as the user advances. Each level is timed and gives exciting rewards, providing incentives for even the youngest of coders.

Kids can also enhance their directional language as Bee Bot moves forwards, backwards, left, and right. Set in a relaxing garden setting, this will be the perfect game for young ones ages four and up.

5. Cubetto

Cubetto code game

Platforms: Wooden robot

Pricing: $225

Ages: 3-9

Best Because: In a world full of technology and screens, finding a game that is free of these yet still teaches your child the basics of coding may seem like an impossible task. That’s where Cubetto stands apart. Cubetto is a friendly wooden robot that teaches children the basics of computer programming through a real-world, tangible object.

Through adventure and hands-on play, Cubetto allows kids to manipulate and touch its blocks in order to tell the robot where to go. It can also be used with special books and maps, providing a positive and all-encompassing experience without the need for an app or device.

6. Osmo Coding Jam

Osmo Coding Jam logo

Platforms: iOS + board game

Pricing: $60

Ages: 5-12

Best Because: There is no shortage of research that proves music is beneficial for a child’s development. Combine that with the advantages of programming and you are sure to have a unique and positive game on your hands.

Osmo Coding Jam is an engaging board game that connects to an iOS app and allows kids to create their own music with hands-on coding blocks. By being able to physically change the coding blocks on the board game, even the youngest coders are learning how to sequence and problem solve. Through the use of music, kids can also develop rhythm, melody, and harmony.

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Best Coding Games for Kids in Kindergarten

7. CodeSpark Academy


Platforms: iOS/Android/ Kindle Fire/ Windows

Pricing: Free Trial, $15/mo

Ages: 5-9

Best Because: CodeSpark Academy is an award-winning app that has introduced the concepts of coding to over 20 million children in more than 200 different countries. Using a “no words” interface, this app teaches all of the fundamentals of computer programming for kids through puzzles, games, printables, and even projects, bringing the fun from the screen to life.

With personalized daily activities based on your child’s progress, engaging curriculum developed by research from MIT, Princeton, and Carnegie Mellon, and new subscription app content every month, your child will have a hard time putting this one down.

8. Kodable

kodable coding games

Platforms: Browser, iOS

Pricing: Free Trial ($9.99/mo)

Ages: 4-10

Best Because: Kodable is an online resource utilized by parents and educators all over the globe. The lessons combine both on-screen and off-screen components. Kodable breaks down computer science topics into basic concepts that kids can use for life including JavaScript and robotics.

Through interactive games, your child can foster a love of learning, and through carefully crafted standards, you can ensure their fun will help them be prepared for higher educational concepts. It also connects with an app that has custom-built games. 

9. Cork the Volcano

Cork the Volcano logo

Platforms: PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Steam 

Pricing: $8.99

Ages: 6-10

Best Because: Cork the Volcano teaches kids to code through programming puzzlets. Set up sequences of actions for the characters to reach the Puzzlet Piece, collect raindrops along the way for bonuses, and avoid dangers from the island along the way through this programming puzzle platformer. Kids can practice computational and algorithmic thinking with each challenge. They’ll learn to come up with logical steps and strategies to win the game.

10. Robot Turtles

Robot Turtles