This Halloween season, we challeged kid coders at every experience level to build their own Candy Collector game in Scratch. Led by one of our fabulous teachers, we created a video and blog tutorial that teaches kids how to build their very own game at Scratch Coding for Kids: Halloween Candy Collector Game

We were so impressed with all the games that were shared! So many kids worked hard on developing this game and adding a few twists to really make it their own. 

Without further ado, let’s present our  top 10 favorite games in no particular order.

TheCodeMaster654 – Spooky Dodge

In this game, you slide left and right to gather the falling candy while trying to avoid the spike. I like the great use of sound effects and also the coding involved not only to always drop the new spike over the location of the block (so don’t stand still!), but also the flashing exclamation point. The change in costumes for the direction of Player is a great detail, too. Nice work!

NiceHacker_OwO – Trick or Treat!

We find a twist on this game where instead of sliding around the screen, we go door to door in a a few neighborhoods with various levels of Halloween spirit. Collect what you can and embrace this very peculiar Halloween! 

_es – Candy Clicker

This game involves a lot of clicking. Instead of a game of speed, dexterity, or strategy, it’s a game of determination. 200 clicks and you win! We see some nice coding in the costume changes every time the candy is clicked. It’s a lot of clicks. Do you have what it takes?

cwhq_matteoa1 – slimers candy hunt

This is game has a lot of fun elements happening. You want to collect 25 candies while avoiding the ghostbuster. If you run out of lives, the screen changes though you can collect a few more candies just for fun! I like how the sprites are moving around adding some extra complications to the game play. The code behind them has a lot going on and we can tell that cwhq_matteoa1 worked hard on this! Great job!

eviemom – Monster Eat Lettuce 

In this game we see a fun twist to the sprites chosen. Frank is included in the Scratch platform and he’s chasing after… lettuce! I love the consistent color palette in those choices. I do wonder how eviemom feels about lettuce, having chosen it for monster food. Frank also flips through his costumes when he eats some lettuce, an additional bit of coding we love to see! Regardless of eviemom’s feelings, Frank seems to be enjoying the lettuce. 

shadow72422 – #code wizards project

This game is an expertly crafted version of our project. The background and sprites have been customized and I love how Ghost appears to be standing on the forest floor as we start the game before he levitates about collecting candies. We’re also using keys to direct Ghost, a bonus step that was shared on the Facebook Group. Fantastic!

Funnyman3010 – Halloween Candy Collection Game

Here we see all the visual elements have been customized! Ghost is from the Scratch collection but the other pieces were brought in. There’s also additional coding seen in the addition of the timer and in the ability to move the Ghost using the arrow keys. Great work here! 

Mariofan1023 – Candy Ghost

In this game, Mariofan1023 added his own sprites and he added a LOT of them. This game has a tricky twist where only a certain pattern of candy corn will get you points. If you collect the wrong pattern, you’ll lose points! This twist certainly adds a challenge! 

We also love the additional coding needed to switch to the game over image where the ghost leans longingly toward a candy corn frozen out of his grasp. 

cwhq_inioluwaa1 – Candy Snatcher

Oh, this game is tricky! The witch is trying to collect fortune cookies but while they might appear identical, the witch may find her score reduced by -2. Can you figure out this one out? Which fortune cookie is a trick and which is a treat?

avirabh – Halloween

This is a fun shooter game where you shoot the candy to collect it. If it drops to the bottom of the screen there’s no worries but if it gets anywhere near the vampire it’s game over. While there’s some quality code in this work, avirabh created an entire webpage for this game and it looks great! Stupendous work! 

Honorable mentions for all the projects we received! You can play and post your score year-round:

We are so proud of all our #NowYouCode #triCODEtreat participants who flexed their creativity and coding skills. We hope you continue to code and if you want to join the most fun and effective coding classes, take a look at our coding program for kids.

There are more #NowYouCode activities coming so be sure to join our Facebook Group to participate in the next one!