The theme of this month’s top 10 is fun and new ways for your kids to get into STEM. We have everything from programming robots to cooking. Enjoy!

Android central apps

1. Best Coding Robots for Kids 2020

Beep boop! If your child wants to start learning robotics, you should consider buying them one of these. Not only do these robots help encourage kids to pursue computer science, but they have fun in the process!

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14 year old kids in STEM

2. 14-year-old Coding Prodigy Sparks Love of STEM for Ontario Kids

It’s always amazing hearing about the initiative that some kids will take in order to pursue what they feel is right. This article talks about a young teen that is pushing to create an inclusive program for teaching kids how to code.

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Black Panther coding activities

3. Watch This, Do That: Black Panther

Are you trying to encourage your child to read more? It may be a good idea to check out the Black Panther: Warriors of Wakanda book. It’s filled with great coding activities that are sure to keep your kid busy.

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Coding in school

4. Here’s why schools must include coding in school curriculum

Coding isn’t only an incredibly fun and useful skill to learn. It’s also great at teaching other soft and hard skills, some of which include critical thinking, attention to detail, and creativity!

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Coding in curriculum

5. Make cooking your kids’ curriculum

The importance of kids engaging in STEM is clear. How to get your kids to do that, however, isn’t always straight forward. Check out this article to see a list of STEM activities that involve — you guessed it — cooking.

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Kids designing games and apps

6. Meet the Kids Who are Designing Apps and Games

Check out what these kids are doing with their coding skills. From things like quizzes to video games, these kids sure are creative!

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Disney codeillusion

7. Disney Codeillusion Makes Learning To Code Like A Magical Adventure For Kids

If, like me, your kid is a huge Disney fan, they may want to take a look at one of Disney’s newest releases: Codeillusion. It’s a fun way to learn how to code that incorporates your favorite Disney characters and scenes!

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Maker spaces going virtual

8. They’ll Make It Anywhere: Hands-On Maker and Science Activities Go Virtual

Ever wondered what happened to maker spaces during quarantine? Now you don’t have to. Makerspaces are going virtual and are making sure to keep it interesting and engaging!

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Apple helping Scottish teens

9. Apple’s major tech rollout will help Scottish kids crack the code

Upon invention, nobody could have expected how heavily Apple technology would be integrated in schools all around the world. See how iPads are revolutionizing the classrooms in Scotland for 6000 students.

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Two kids playing with robot

10. Why learning to code is vital for our future

With coding having become so central to the standard operation of all modern businesses, it’s no wonder people are running to pick up some programming skills. Not only do programming skills make people a much more valuable employee, but they teach them skills that benefit other areas of their lives.

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