Being able to express yourself clearly is an important life skill. But it’s no easy task: plenty of adults struggle with speaking and writing. What’s the value of teaching communication skills to kids?

Giving your kids the tools they need to learn proper communication early on is crucial to helping them solve problems in life, whether personal or professional. Communication is also a building block in forming healthy relationships with others. 

In this article, we’ll delve into how you can develop basic communication skills for kids, types of communication skills, and educational resources for further learning. 

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What Is Communication For Kids And Why Is It Important? 

Put simply, communication is the ability to understand and offer up information in an easily comprehensible format.

Knowing how to communicate effectively is a form of social intelligence that enables your kids to socialize, collaborate, and form lasting relationships with other people, in addition to succeeding in the classroom. 

What’s more, strong communication skills can also strengthen critical thinking for kids and logical reasoning for kids. Communicating ideas with their peers is what helps a kid reinforce the foundation of critical analysis. While thinking through ideas on your own is helpful, open debate and discussion expose you to a diverse array of thoughts and opinions. In other words, communication is fundamental to developing an open mind. 

There are some great ways to improve communication skills for kids, such as practicing listening, collaborating on projects, and learning through feedback on projects. All of which kids can experience through learning to code. Coding is a unique practice that allows kids to learn and build on all types of communication skills and that’s just one of the reasons kids need to learn to code.

Types Of Communication Skills 

In order to teach communication skills to kids, we first need to understand the different categories of communication skills that exist.

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Verbal Communication

Speaking, holding a conversation, giving an oral presentation. Talking to others is a form of communication that we practice every single day.

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Nonverbal Communication

Even during a spoken conversation, there are many nonverbal elements that will affect how your communication is perceived.

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Visual Communication

Sometimes, explaining things in words simply isn’t enough. Visual aids can be used to add context and help listeners visualize certain concepts.

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Written Communication

Communicating ideas through written text is often important in academic and professional contexts.

Each of these forms of communication is used across every area of life. In order to teach good communication skills to kids, they need to be well-educated in each aspect of communication. 

There are many ways kids can practice all of these skills. One of the best ways to hone communication skills is to learn how to code, especially in a structured, project-based learning environment. 

For example, my brother’s high school robotics team used coding to build functional, working robots. Learning robotics as a team, they practiced verbal communication to collaborate on their code and build, but also planned each step of programming a robot through consistent planning (written communication) and collaborative sketches (visual communication). Finally, when they took their robots to compete against other robotics teams they needed to explain their work with a compelling presentation (verbal and nonverbal communication) to earn approval from the judges. 

While their technical skills are what assisted them in visualizing the optimal code and building, ultimately it was their communication skills that helped them bring home the prize.

How To Improve Your Child’s Communication Skills 

So now that we know what communication skills are important for kids, what’s the best way of improving communication skills for kids? Here are some strategies that parents can teach their kids in order to improve their communication skills.

Strategies for Parents

While teaching kids about these strategies is useful, the best way for them to hone their skills in communication is to practice them on their own time. Check out these activities that will help them practice communication!

Activities to Try

The above are just a few examples of how to improve communication skills for kids. There are endless options for activities and games that are both fun and educational that will build communication skills kids and parents alike can appreciate.

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Develop Communication Skills By Coding

Is there an activity that develops communication skills in kids across every category? 

Let’s talk about coding.

When you learn to program, you hone all your communication skills:

However, not just any classroom can help kids develop both their coding and their communication skills. CodeWizardsHQ offers coding classes for kids designed for fun and effective online learning. Live instructors teach hands-on programming projects that also build on their communication skills. Students will be able to add a full portfolio of working web pages to show off their skills by the time they’ve finished their courses at CodeWizardsHQ.

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