If you ask almost anyone, it’s pretty obvious that we like Minecraft around here. In large part that’s because Minecraft is a useful tool for getting kids interested in coding. 

But, if we’re being honest, it’s mostly because it’s a really fun game! Especially because kids can play Minecraft with friends, add Minecraft mods, and customize with Minecraft with texture packs

Having fun is important, after all. Playtime is about a lot more than just having a good time, it’s an important part of learning, too. 

This is why we’ve compiled our list of the best Minecraft toys available in 2023. These toys and gifts are sure to put a smile on your child’s face if they love playing Minecraft. Check it out! 

Best Minecraft Toys for Kids 2023

Minecraft Lego Sets

When Minecraft was first released many people described it as being a sort of virtual version of LEGO blocks, so it’s fitting that we eventually came full circle by creating LEGO sets with a Minecraft theme.

LEGO is one of the oldest and most-loved toy companies out there, and they’ve done an amazing job taking the Minecraft theme and making some truly spectacular toys. While not every LEGO Minecraft set is still in production, all of them have a ton to offer as far as imaginative play and creativity.

These are some of my favorites!

1. LEGO Minecraft The Abandoned Mine

Ages: 7+ | Price: $19.99 | 248 Pieces

When looking for a great place to start your LEGO Minecraft collection, this is a simple and fun choice.

Brings classic Minecraft action to life by building and exploring the mines while under attack from various hostile creatures. This set includes popular Minecraft characters and creatures. Mine for essential resources while luring the zombie, spider, and living slime to the cave entrance where kids can use a hand-operated device to bring high-level rocks crashing down on them.

2. LEGO Minecraft The Mushroom House

Ages: 7+ | Price: $24.99 | 272 pieces

After any Minecraft adventurer knows, nothing beats the feeling of getting back home after a successful day exploring the mines! 

This Minecraft Mushroom House set has everything a new adventurer needs for their very own starter house, including a bed to rest in and a chest to store all their hard-won treasures. Just beware of the dangerous spider-jockey patrolling the nearby woods. 

This set packs a ton of fun into a small package. The roof comes off the Mushroom house for easy access to the great indoors, and kids can add the classic Moo-shroom cow mob to their collection.  

3. LEGO Minecraft The Villager Raid

Ages: 7+ | Price: $62.99 | 562 pieces

One of the most challenging parts of the Overworld in Minecraft is an ill-timed raid on a local village. This set allows your kid to bring that battle to life in their very own desert village! 

Alongside the village itself, this set includes two villagers, two raiders, a ravager mount with biting action, and a new hero minifigure named Kai! 

4. LEGO Minecraft The Warped Forest

Ages: 7+ | Price: $28.95 | 287 pieces

At some point in every Minecraft game, it’s time to leave the Overworld and explore the Nether. 

This warped forest LEGO set is a perfect first foray into the Nether, complete with local mobs, and a surprising new landscape to explore. Kids will also love the built-in explosion and rockfall features which add a ton of great action to the set! 

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5. LEGO Minecraft The End Battle

Ages: 7+ | Price: $39.44 | 222 pieces

If there’s any real goal in Minecraft, it’s getting to the End to defeat the Ender Dragon, and that’s what this set is all about! 

What this set lacks in landscape, it more than makes up for in the form of the formidable ender dragon boss, which comes complete with a ferocious fireball blast. As a bonus, this LEGO set comes with a code to unlock the Dragon Hunter skin for their character on the Bedrock version of Minecraft. 

Minecraft Dungeons Toys

Minecraft Dungeons is a spin-off of the main game franchise that focuses a lot more on combat and a lot less on mining or crafting. But while it shifts the focus away from Minecraft’s core components, it also adds a variety of new characters to the game’s roster, unlocking tons of great imaginative play opportunities!

6. Minecraft Dungeons 3.25” Collectible Figures

Ages: 6+ | Price: ~$10-$20 each

Apart from the LEGOs, these are my personal favorite version of Minecraft figures. There are a huge variety of characters to collect and play with, and many of them have interchangeable accessories that add to the fun! They are all fully posable and made out of durable plastic so they can withstand some rough play.

Whether you’re looking for action figures for a full-scale battle or as part of a shelf collection, the 3.25” collection fits the bill. 

7. Minecraft Dungeons Nano Metalfigs 1.65″

Ages: 6+ | Price: $9.99

If the 3.25” figures seem a bit too large, these metalfigs might be what you’re looking for. Instead of hard plastic, these are cast from metal, so they aren’t posable, but what they lack in flexibility they make up for in quantity.

A pack of 18 figures only costs around $20 and includes both heroes and baddies, allowing you to fill a battlefield without also emptying your wallet.

8. Minecraft Dungeons Redstone Monstrosity

Ages: 6+ | Price: $114.88

If you are looking for the biggest, baddest Minecraft Dungeons toy you can find, this one is sure to make your short list! 

While he belongs to the 3.25” Mattel set, he easily dwarfs the other figures. Standing at a full 10-inches tall, and more than 7-inches wide, this dungeon boss is the monster to end all monsters! All of his joints rotate and he has a built-in smashing arm attack, making him a formidable foe for the other Dungeons figures. 

Minecraft Plush Toys 

If your adventurer is more of a snuggler than a fighter, Minecraft plush toys may be more their speed. 

Minecraft is full of both cute and creepy cool characters, any of which would make an amazing plushie companion. Luckily, toy makers thought so, too, so there’s a huge variety of Minecraft plushies to choose from! 

These are some of my top picks.

9. Steve Plush or Alex Plush

Ages: Any! | Price: $29.98

What’s a game without the hero? 

Whether your kid is a fan of Steve or Alex, you can’t go wrong getting one of the main characters. These come from different manufacturers, but both manage to make a super cuddly toy while staying true to the characters’ blocky designs.  

10. Creeper Plush (or any of the monsters!)

Ages: Any! | Price: $21.99

The creeper is probably the most iconic of the Minecraft enemies, and is well-known for ruining otherwise perfect plans.  This plushie captures the creeper’s explosive personality in a much cuddlier form factor. 

11. Axolotl Plush (or any of the allies!)

Ages: Any! | Price: $24.99

One of the things you can do in Minecraft is tame mobs to make them your pet! Tame cats and dogs have been around for a long while, and have inspired tons of loyalty among Minecraft players. The axolotl is much newer, but has already made a big impact, protecting players from the monsters of the deep. 

This plushie does a great job of capturing the axolotl’s inherent cuteness, making it a perfect addition to any Minecraft fan’s collection. 

12. Baby Pig Plush (or any of the neutral mobs!)

Ages: Any! | Price: $12.99

Enemies will attack you and allies will defend you, but neutral mobs tend to stay… neutral. But that doesn’t make them any less cute! 

This baby pig plushie is easily one of the cutest.

Minecraft Sword Toys

Like many adventure games, Minecrafters spend a lot of time defending themselves from enemies with their trusty sword. However, one of the things that makes Minecraft special is that while the sword is important, the other tools in-game can be just as important or even more so!

In that spirit, I’ve included not only the best sword toys but also the best Minecraft tool toys in this list.  

13. Enchanted Sword

Ages: 7+ | Price: $16.99

Sure, you could get your kid a regular old Minecraft sword, but we all know that the enchanted swords are where it’s at! 

Enchanted items in Minecraft have a purple effect on them to show that they are magical, and this enchanted sword toy captures that effect well. It’s advertised as being an add-on for a costume, but many of the reviews pointed out that it is durable enough to be a good buy on its own.  

14. Pick, Axe, or Shovel

Ages: 7+ | Price: $129.00

As far as costume tools and weapons with a Minecraft theme go, this 3-in-1 set is about as good as it gets. Essentially, this set is a tool handle and three separate heads that you can switch out depending on which tool your adventurer needs at that moment. 

Online reviews rate it as holding up extremely well during rough play, which is good, because it is selling for a premium on Amazon. Other places have it listed at cheaper prices, but tend to be sold out because of it. I feel like that’s proof enough that this is a great one to get! 

15. Customizable Shield 

Ages: 7+ | Price: $22.99

In the Java version of Minecraft, players can attach a banner to their wooden shield to add a little visual customization to their armor. This toy set takes that idea and runs with it, but in real life! 

While the base of the shield looks just like the regular wooden shield from Minecraft, there is a slot where you can put your own banner to make the shield as unique as you like!  As a bonus , there is a connector on the back side of the shield where you can keep a spare tool for those moments of mining between battles. 

16. Minecraft Dungeons Nerf Hammer

Ages: 7+ | Price: $45.00

This is one of the more unique Minecraft accessories that I’ve seen in stores, but it looks like a ton of fun! 

NERF’s Stormlander Hammer is inspired by Minecraft Dungeons rather than the original game, but it retains the pixelated look that Minecraft made so popular. Alongside just being a great little warhammer for make believe battles, this weapon has a hidden secret. It has the ability to shoot up to three NERF darts out of the hammer’s head to hit enemies at range!

Other Minecraft Toys

17. Minecraft Transforming Turtle Hideout

Ages: 6+ | Price: $21.99

If there’s one thing that kids love, it’s things that turn into other things. Luckily, that’s the general premise of the Transforming Turtle Hideout! 

It starts out as a large Minecraft turtle, but once you open up its shell, it transforms into an entire Minecraft base, complete with a small Steve figure, four levels to explore, and a smaller version of the turtle itself! 

18. Minecraft Builders and Biomes Board Game

Ages: 10+ | Price: $39.99

While this board game isn’t technically a toy, it’s cool enough that I’m willing to overlook that fact. 

The Builders and Biomes Strategy game takes the mining and crafting fun from the digital world to your kitchen table, all while keeping the same feel of exploration and creativity. It’s an awesome choice if you’re looking for some Minecraft fun for the whole family! 

19. Minecraft Mine Kit Collectibles

Ages: 7+ | Price: $13.94

This last one gives your kid the chance to try out a little mining for themselves! 

The Mine Kit comes with a finger-sized pick and a stone block to break. For the kids (or parents) patient enough to mine their way through the hard exterior, one of 6 possible collectibles is hidden inside. If you’re really lucky, there’s even a chance for a real gold-plated creeper! 

Learn to code with Minecraft toys!

All of these Minecraft toys are a ton of fun. That’s great news because imaginative play has been shown to be an important part of kids’ educational journeys.

We’re all about Minecraft because of how easy it is to move from a love of Minecraft to a love of coding. There are many ways to transition from playing the Minecraft game and toys to actually learning to code using Minecraft.

While playing with these toys alone won’t turn your kid into a coding wizard, they could be a first step on their journey. 

Get your child interested in learning how games like Minecraft work and coding their own features in Minecraft. Then, be sure to check out our 1-week coding camp in Minecraft or 12-week structured coding classes for kids to get started.