Scratch is a free, block-based programming language and online community developed by MIT for children and beginners to learn coding concepts in a user-friendly and interactive way.

It enables kids to create various interactive projects, including games, stories, and animations while using drag-and-drop blocks. Scratch is designed to be accessible to users with little or no prior programming experience, making it a great tool for children to learn coding in a fun and engaging way.

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The Scratch platform promotes creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration. Users can share their projects with the community and receive feedback. Scratch also provides a range of resources such as tutorials, sample projects, and forums for users to interact with one another. The platform is widely used in schools and after-school programs and has been a great way to introduce coding to children because it encourages creativity and critical thinking.

Share Projects Publicly

Before you can share a project on Scratch, you’ll first need to come up with a fun game or animation. Here are some fun Scratch project ideas and popular Scratch projects you can use for inspiration.

Use the Share Button

Where is the share button on Scratch?

Where is the share button on Scratch?

How do you share a project on Scratch without the button?

To share a project, you must press the “Share” button first. This allows your project to be public on the Scratch website. 

Share Your Project Link

share your scratch project link
copy your scratch project link

You can also copy the link from the browser.

share your scratch project link

Share Projects to a Studio

A studio on Scratch is a designated area where users can collaborate and share projects that are related to a specific topic, concept or challenge.

How do I unshare a project?

If you’ve made a mistake or wish to make your project private again, you can unshare it on Scratch. 

Can I share my Scratch project with one person?

To share your Scratch project with a single person, you can download the project and send it to them as a file. 

how to share scratch projects - save to computer
how to share scratch projects - load from computer
how to share scratch projects - replace contents
how to share scratch projects - load from computer

Code Games and Apps in Scratch

The elementary school coding program at CodeWizardsHQ teaches children ages 8-10 to program games and apps using the Scratch platform. The first course in the core track is Animation and Games with Scratch, where students develop programming basics by creating animations, stories, characters, and games that utilize collision detection, scoring, and more. Through projects such as a rocket game, music project, and Ghostbusters game, they learn key programming concepts like variables, loops, and conditional statements.

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