I have yet to meet a kid who doesn’t enjoy playing Minecraft. However, sometimes, as a parent, I do wish they’d spend some of their Minecraft time reading instead. Luckily for both kids and parents, there are tons of amazing Minecraft books for kids out there. These books will get your child reading while also scratching that Minecraft itch.

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Some of the books in this list are engrossing narratives set in the world of Minecraft. Others are amazing resources for helping kids make the most of their time in-game. And there are even some coding books for kids if they’re interested in learning the basics of coding using Redstone or building mods.

No matter where your kids are on their Minecraft journey, there’s definitely a book on this list that will be great for them!

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Minecraft Books for Kids

  1. Minecraft – The Island
  2. Minecraft Woodsword Chronicles
  3. Minecraft for Beginners
  4. Minecraft Epic Bases
  5. Bite-Size Builds
  6. Minecraft Maps
  7. Minecraft: Blockopedia: Updated Edition
  8. Minecraft Survival: Updated
  9. The Minecraft Annual
  10. Minecrafter Engineer: Must-Have Starter Farms
  11. The Ultimate Player’s Guide to Minecraft
  12. The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Circuit Power!
  13. Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Minecraft Mods Programming
Minecraft The Island

Minecraft – The Island

Ages: 8-11 years

The Island was the first of Minecraft’s official books and it remains one of my favorite Minecraft books. The main character appears on an island in a Minecraft world with no memory of his past life nor any knowledge of how to survive in this world. He has to discover the world from scratch, just as a new player would when they load up the game!

It’s a great read on its own, but if you’re looking for even more fun, you should check out the audiobook version. It’s read by none other than Jack Black. He really nails the narration and turns an already great book into something spectacular!

My kids listened to it several times, and I got sucked in every time.

The author already released a sequel for The Island called The Mountain, and a third book, The Village, will come out later this year.

The Woodsword Chronicles begin in a similar way to The Island. Five friends are mysteriously transported into the Minecraft world, and must use what they know to survive and thrive! However, the Woodsword Chronicles are a bit easier to read, as they aim at a slightly younger age group.

The 6 Woodsword Chronicles books follow these friends from their first forays into the Minecraft world until their final showdown. Plenty to keep a young Minecrafter busy reading!

These are fun books and an amazing way of getting younger Minecraft fans into reading.

Some of the main themes of Minecraft are exploration, discovery, and creativity. At first, Minecraft’s complete lack of tutorials or a larger plot reflected these concepts. It made the game more difficult, in some ways, while allowing individual players the freedom to set their own goals. But it also led to a need for external resources for some players. These players wanted a bit more guidance on what they should be doing to get the most out of Minecraft.

Minecraft for Beginners is an official step-by-step guide to help new players “survive and thrive” in the game. It covers beginning concepts, like how to find food and crafting materials, building a shelter, and surviving basic combat.

This isn’t the right book for experienced players. However, it provides a solid foundation for Minecrafting kids who are just getting started.

Minecraft Epic Bases

Minecraft Epic Bases

Ages: 8-12 years

One of the truly amazing things that you can do in Minecraft is build huge, detailed bases where you can recover between adventures. Epic Bases is a photographic collection of Minecraft bases built by a guild of expert builders. Plus it has top tips and tricks for creating a stunning base of your own!

These bases are an incredible testament to the skill and dedication of the players who built them. If you’re looking for some inspiration for building an epic base of your own, this book is easily one of the best resources of its kind out there.

Minecraft Books, Bite-Size Builds