Kids who want to learn coding have more options than ever to get started. Whatever type of programming they’re interested in, there is an abundance of coding books for kids, apps, games, and websites to get them up and running quickly. Adding fun to the task is always the best way to make magic happen and these Halloween coding activities for kids and teens do just that! 

Your child can learn to build video games, create animations, develop mobile apps, and launch websites. Whether your child is starting his journey or well on her way to becoming a developer, these 3 fun Halloween coding activities for kids and teens are sure to please.

We hope you enjoy them and have a BOOTastic Halloween!!!! 

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Free Halloween Coding Activities – STEM / STEAM

Free halloween coding activities

Whether you’re looking for Halloween coding activities for second grade, third grade, sixth grade, or high school, Heather Monthie recommends sites you may want to use! This is a great resource that has specific coding activities divided by grades, K-8 & 9-12. Visit the blog post here.

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Halloween Apps and Websites for Kids – Fun, Educational, Free

Halloween apps and websites for kids

Great collection of educational Halloween apps and sites that are FREE! Steam Powered Family if run by Shelley. This post is divided into activities on tablets and computers and goes beyond coding introducing other fun Halloween inspired games! 

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Halloween Coding Unplugged

Halloween coding worksheets

Do you have $3.00 to spare? Visit this Halloween Coding Unplugged 

Get kids coding with these unplugged coding programs with a Halloween theme! This block style coding resource is a great introduction to coding without computers. Students will learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills!

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