The tech industry, parents, and students are literally screaming for better coding literacy programs in our schools. Technology skills are critical to the future success of our children. The common threads in this month’s “Top 10” are education and diversity.

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Top10 Coding for Kids, Delta Crew

1. All-women Delta Crew Flies 120 Girls to NASA Headquarters to Inspire Female Aviators

All-women Delta crew flies 120 girls to NASA headquarters to draw attention to the gender gap in aviation and to inspire women to enter STEM careers.

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Top10 Coding for Kids, Overseas Curriculum

2. Let’s Start Coding

India, South Korea, Japan, and Thailand are leading efforts to require computer programming as part of the school curriculum. Their goal is to create opportunities for their citizens and economic growth for their countries.

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Top10 Coding for Kids, Mindstorms Contest

3. Robotics Contest to Award $100,000 in Amazon Gift Cards, LEGO Robotics Kits

In a contest ending December 31, 2019, Amazon and LEGO have teamed up to offer LEGO kits that respond to Amazon Echo devices. Amazon is awarding some great prizes to entice kids to create projects.

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Top10 Coding for Kids, 11-year-old CEO

4. This 11-year-old CEO Wants to Teach Kids Everywhere to Code

This interview with 11-year-old CEO Samaira Mehta is truly inspiring. Samaira shares her thoughts on her mission to get kids coding across the globe.

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Top10 Coding for Kids, Ultimate Easy Guide

5. Ultimate Easy Guide To Understand What Is Coding

There is a subtle difference between “coding” and “programming”. This article explains the difference and its importance in the tech industry.

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Top10 Coding for Kids, Telecom Trends

The telecom industry is driven by advances in technology which impacts every consumer. This article touches on the top 7 technologies that telecom companies will embrace in 2020.

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7. Five Teenagers Who Are Changing The Face Of The Mobile Game Industry

Only 25% of game developers are female. Google Play partnered with Girls Make Games to hold a mobile game design contest. Meet the winners and see their creations.

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Top10 Coding for Kids, Futureproof learners

8. Futureproof Our Learners for The Jobs of Tomorrow

Programming skills will be critical to every job in the future. The U.S. education system doesn’t support students in being proficient in technology. Something needs to change so we can futureproof our learners for the jobs of tomorrow.

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Top10 Coding for Kids, Code Literacy

9. Code Literacy: Why Coding Became Important

This article goes back to the basics to explain the importance of being code literate, explains the difference between programming and coding, and provides free resources to get you started.

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Top10 Coding for Kids, Older Coders

10. Coding Catching Big With Older Americans

Older Americans are benefitting from learning how to code at coding boot camps. This video article gives some interesting facts about the rise of boot camps across the country.

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