Meet the Rahatlev family and find out how learning to code at CodeWizardsHQ has led Yuval to be our Student of the Month!

“For my children, I want each of them to choose the subject that they love. Yuval chose to code, and he is succeeding in that department.” Yuval’s Dad

Yuval’s Favorite Projects:

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CodeWizardsHQ’s community spreads around the world. We are lucky to have amazing families like the Rahatlev family! Their family consists of Yuval, his mom, and his dad.

Yuval and his family were kind enough to answer a few questions about their coding adventure.

Yuval’s Answers 

Q. What’s your coding background?
I have had no coding background before CWHQ. I have watched multiple videos and tutorials, which had not helped me as much as CodeWizards did. Though recently, I started participating in a Computer Science Club, which is currently working on a video game!

Q. What are some things you like about learning to code with CWHQ?

I personally love the fact that it is instructor-based. Unlike the many videos I have watched, CWHQ is much easier to learn from. And, CWHQ is a project-based curriculum, which is really, really fun. As I mentioned earlier, it is really easy to learn from CWHQ!

Q: What are your family’s hobbies?

 We don’t necessarily have any hobbies, we don’t do something on a regular basis altogether.

Q. What subjects do you enjoy in school?

The subject I most enjoy, outside of electives and clubs. Is Math, I’ve always loved math to bits! It’s easy to get and is really fun. Though, I’m stronger on the algebra side instead of the geometry side. Including electives and clubs, definitely Computer Science and Comm Tech (Communications Technology).

Parent’s Answers:

Q. How did you find out about CodeWizardsHQ?

 Based on recommendations.

Q. Do you have a specific experience or story you’d like to share that your student has shared related to your classes at CWHQ?

Yes, we got to a school – which I would give a high rating – and I see the results with my son, what he’s telling me about and what you send me about what they learn in each class. I’m very happy he is in CodeWizardsHQ.

Q. How do you think coding is going to impact your family in the future?

I think only about my son and not about myself because I’m an elder and I want him to succeed, and he chose CodeWizards and he got what he loved.

Q. What goals or dreams do you have around coding for your children?

For my children, I want each of them to choose the subject that they love. In the meantime, Yuval chose to code, and he is succeeding in that department.

Yuval has taken two courses at CodeWizardsHQ. Here is what his teacher, had to say about him:

“Yuval has been a fantastic student who shows natural creativity and talent as an engineer, whom I expect to do great things both with CWHQ and beyond.”

CodeWizardsHQ Teacher

At CodeWizardsHQ, our students are our top priority.

Thanks for allowing us to make you our Student of the Month, Yuval. We are lucky to have you as a part of our community!

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