The evil dragon has been defeated in an epic battle, The Dragon Quest.

After a month of fierce competition, our kids coding challenge has come to an end and we were blown away with the participation and support. 

To sum it up, wow! 

When we set out to create The Dragon Quest, our goal wasn’t simply to create a fun contest for entertainment. We really wanted to create motivation for kids to start coding, to practice their coding skills, and to learn along the way … in addition to having a ton of fun.

What surprised us the most was how many kids, especially with little or no coding experience, participated and even got their families involved. From playing alongside brothers and sisters, to learning new coding concepts with mom and dad, to having their web developer uncles tutor and train them, families around the world were playing The Dragon Quest together.

That was the REAL success and our team is proud to provide this fun, educational opportunity for kids.

Here’s what some of our kids and parents had to say:

“Some of the questions were fun and some were infuriating. I learned new things such as how to read binary. The challenge overall was a nice learning experience that helped to bring the community together.”


“I think the Code Challenge is awesome! I think it can be tricky sometimes, but it’s not so hard that you can’t figure it out. I think it’s fun figuring out the challenges even when I get it wrong.”


“It is so awesome”


“I felt very happy after I got through the 21 levels and after I defeated the dragon. And it was fun figuring out the coding levels – those were the ones I liked the most.”


“Really positive. My son woke up everyday looking forward to the challenge.”


Now for the results!  

Over 1,400 challengers ages 8-18 entered the quest and an astounding 280 completed all 21 levels. They are permanently entered into our Code Challenge Hall of Fame. 

2020 Code Challenge Finalists

Players were represented globally and played from countries including the US, India, UK, and Spain. After a total of 4,670 votes in the final voting round, we are very excited to announce our winners.

The 2020 Dragon Quest Champions are …

top 5 code challenge winners 2020

Congratulations to these brave kid coders! We are so impressed with your hard work and coding skills. You are great ambassadors to coding for kids, keep up the great work.

Thank you also for the support from our sponsors, Terminal 2 and CoderBunnyz, and our non-profit partners, ChickTech and ACT+

And here is something to look forward to…

We’ve decided that the challenge is on for next year! 

We’ll be hosting a free kids coding challenge in 2021, details such as the theme and date will be announced soon.

Are you ready? Register for our 2021 code challenge.

Whatever you do next, we encourage you to keep coding. Build your experience with books, games, or apps, and never stop learning. 

If you want to train for next year’s challenge, check out our online coding classes for kids. Keep coding from the comfort of home and train to take home the grand prize in 2021.