Recently, things haven’t exactly been going our way. However, that doesn’t mean that your kids have to stop learning! This month’s top 10 is focused around different resources that will help your kid learn to code — even during the quarantine.

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1. How to Find the Best Coding Programs for Kids

The recent pandemic has pushed parents to start looking into online coding programs. This article gives parents things to think about — starting from the basics, all the way to how to ensure that children remain happy and motivated in an online platform.

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2. Tech Tent: Learning to code during lockdown

TechTent is an awesome podcast targeted towards tech savvy parents. This is a great way to find interesting discussion topics to chat about with your kid.

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3. Kids learn coding to thank those working during COVID-19

Youth Code Jam, a wonderful non-profit based out of San Antonio, is taking an opportunity to make a difference during these trying times. See what Youth Code Jam is doing to teach kids how to code while in quarantine!

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4. Tech for good during COVID-19: Children’s book, phone booths, and aperitifs

The coronavirus has sparked solidarity and selflessness among many circles in our community. See what fun activities some people are doing to make the lives of others easier.

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5. A robot to teach coding—and build character

Scratch Jr. is an app and programming language created for kids ages 5 to 7 and it’s our choice program for teaching elementary school kids. Scratch Jr. has already had 13 million people use the app since 2014, read this article to see what all the fuss is about!

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6. NASA drops new online programming with huge list of activities, videos, experiments for kids

NASA has decided to dip its toes into helping kids all over the world learn how to program. If your kids love space and science, there are podcasts, tutorials on different STEM experiments, VR tours, and e-books!

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7. Boys & Girls Clubs lead efforts to develop virtual programming for at-home kids

The Boys & Girls Club is creating new ways for students to continue learning and to stay entertained! Read this article to take a look at what inspiring ideas they’ve come up with so far.

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8. Coronavirus forces parents to change screen time plans

What are the consequences of increased screen time in young children? Now that the Coronavirus has pushed parents to let their kids stay on electronic devices for longer periods of times, we are about to find out.

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9. Jassby and CodeWizardsHQ team up to bring kids e-learning options during COVID-19

Jassby Inc, the creator of a family finance app, has partnered with us to bring coding to kids around the country. Wondering how this all came to be and where it is going? Find out for yourself!

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10. How to learn to code in the lockdown: from arcade games to live-streamed classes

If you’re still looking for ways to teach your kids how to code during lockdown, this article offers a wide array of activities for young children! From games to classes, there are many different opportunities for your child to learn.

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