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Preparing Students for College and Career Success

A structured, curriculum-based, after-school coding program for the most progressive schools.

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Why Coding Education is Important in Your Schools

Charts of Comparison - STEM Teachings and Graduates

Schools place a lot of emphasis on STEM skills, which is very critical. But as computing finds its way into every aspect of our lives, more and more of the STEM jobs are in computing.

To be precise, 71% of the STEM jobs are in computing. But, only 8% of the STEM graduates are in computer science. If we need our students to be prepared for the opportunities of the future, we need to provide them with the necessary computing skills.

9 out of 10 parents want their child to learn coding and computer science, but only 1 in 4 schools offer it.Lack of time within the school day and the lack of qualified teachers are the primary constraints in the system.

Our after-school and online instructor-led approach to coding education overcomes both those constraints. Our classes are after-school so it doesn’t interfere with the school schedule. And because our teachers can teach from their location, we are able to get well-qualified individuals with a passion for teaching as our instructors.

Pie Charts Parents Wants and what Schools Offer
71% of STEM jobs are in computing, but only 8% of STEM graduates are in computing.
Money Representation of Computer Science

We all anecdotally see the individuals who know how to code are at a premium in our society today. This research from Brookings institution quantifies that value. The lifetime earnings of a computer science graduate are 40% more than a typical college graduate. And it is almost 3x that of a high-school graduate.

Coding is an extremely marketable skill. And it also lends itself to remote, part-time work. This helps students from low socio-economic background tremendously. After learning to code for a few months, they are able to take on a part-time job and supplement their family income.

Computing jobs are the #1 source of new wages in the United States. And it is projected to grow at twice the rate of all other jobs. Think about the opportunities it would create for your students when they graduate.

Even today, there are over 500,000 job openings in computing. Earlier, computing used to be a standalone field. Not anymore. These jobs are in every field in every state. If student’s career success is an important goal for your school or district, equipping them with the coding skills is absolutely necessary.

Chart Comparison of Jobs Based on Wages

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