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Use AI To Master Coding Fundamentals Through An Immersive Coding Experience

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Camp Description

AI and Machine Learning: The Fundamentals is an engaging 2-day camp that introduces students to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning through practical application development. Students will create an AI-powered web app using computer vision, learning to train a machine learning model for image recognition and labeling. This hands-on experience includes data collection for model training and integration of the model into a web application via the CodeWizardsHQ platform. Students will also explore programming for app customization, understanding how AI can significantly enhance web app functionality. The course addresses common AI challenges, providing essential skills for troubleshooting and improving AI integrations. This camp is perfect for students eager to delve into the world of AI and machine learning.

For ages 11-13
Beginners welcome. No Homework – All fun!

Learning Objectives

When students complete AI and Machine Learning: The Fundamentals, they will be able to:
  • 1 Apply basic programming principles to execute actions and make decisions within a web application.
  • 2 Train and integrate a machine learning model for specific tasks.
  • 3 Identify and address common challenges encountered in AI model training.

AI Coding Camp Lessons

Class slide creating an AI
Day 1 –

Creating an AI

In this lesson, students will begin the process of creating their own AI, which can distinguish between various types of doodles. They will launch their first web application on the CodeWizardsHQ platform to collect data samples needed to train their AI model. Using Google’s Teachable Machine platform, they will set up a new AI project, upload their sample data, and train their AI model. Finally, students will integrate this AI model into their CodeWizardsHQ web application and perform tests on it.

Class slide using and improving the AI
Day 2 –

Using & Improving the AI

In this lesson, students will advance their work on the AI that can identify various types of doodles. They will gather additional data to refine and improve their AI through retraining. The web application will be transformed into a game with the introduction of objectives, a scoring system, and an expanded range of doodle categories, allowing for further customization of the app.

Technical Requirements

For camp, students should meet the following requirements:

AI Camp Schedule

Below are the AI camp dates, you will choose your desired camp date & time at checkout through the enrollment form. For current and existing CodeWizardsHQ students, you can enroll in camps through the Current Student Camp Enrollment Form

Ages 11-13 – Camp Schedule
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Available Time SlotsJune 8 -June 9July 1 – July 2July 13 – July 14Aug 10 – Aug 11
9:00 AM –
11:00 AM CT
AI and Machine Learning: The Fundamentals
11:00 AM –
1:00 PM CT
AI and Machine Learning: The Fundamentals
12:00 PM –
2:00 PM CT
AI and Machine Learning: The Fundamentals
3:00 PM –
5:00 PM CT
AI and Machine Learning: The FundamentalsAI and Machine Learning: The Fundamentals

Camp Tuition $199

There is no contract. You may cancel up to 7 days before the first scheduled class for a 100% money-back guarantee.

CWHQ has a 93% student success rate, compared to 5% for paid, self-paced online video courses and tutorials. That’s an 18x better graduation rate.

Our goal is to make all students successful. Notify us at least 7 days prior to the first scheduled session of camp for your money back.

Parents & Students Love The CodeWizardsHQ Summer Program!

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Great Program That Really Teaches Coding

Our 13 year old took this program over the summer and really enjoyed it. He found it challenging and fun at the same time. He thought it was a bit more difficult than typical middle school coding programs but that’s what kept him engaged. This wasn’t glorified babysitting, this program really taught him to do some coding. – Travis

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Great Experience!

My son enrolled in the beginner class for Python Programming. It was great! He learned a lot and it was nice that all lectures are recorded since there were a few days he had to miss during the summer. – Sima Patel

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Highly Recommended On So Many Levels!

This was a great summer program for my 14-year-old. She really enjoyed it and learned a lot. The projects and homework were not overly time-intensive but reinforced each session. I highly recommend this program and so does she :). – AL