Get excited because this is a big one. Our free global Code Challenge for kids starts April 5!

Coding can seem a little scary at first, which makes sense if you’re a kid and you’ve never talked to a computer. There are a lot of weird characters in code that you don’t use and you may not even know what they’re called.

Never used this  {  symbol before? 

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But, code is all around us! The technology we use on a daily basis is built on a foundation of code. For kids, learning to code is an opportunity to understand the digital world around them. Like painting on a blank canvas, kids can create websites, apps, and games from a blank computer screen.

While most kids enjoy technology, many don’t understand how it works. 

Only 20% of students meet STEM benchmarks, and this is even though careers in STEM topics are the most in-demand and also the highest-paying.” From Skipy: (The Benefits of STEM toys in the Growing Years)

These kids haven’t had the opportunity to learn about the meaning of STEM or try coding. At least, not in a way that sparks their interest and makes them see what’s possible. 

The Code Challenge is a fun and educational event that introduces kids to coding in an engaging way. We created this event as an activity to guide our students’ learning and were blown away by the response from kids around the world. Our winners spanned 3 countries and we got positive feedback from kids and their parents about how they were challenged and engaged every step of the way.

Last year, over 2,000 students and parents participated in the first Code Challenge and over 6,500 voted for the grand prize winners. This year, because of the amazing response, we asked our students to be more involved and to help us come up with a theme and character for an experience even more kids will love. 

The Code Challenge starts on April 5, register to join! 

Beginner-friendly for kids ages 8-18. No coding experience is needed to play. 

How the Code Challenge Works

As kids follow the story of our hero Nym and his quest through the galaxy to save the Xocron crystal, they’ll be presented with 21 Python-based coding questions. These questions first explain the coding principles, relevant across most coding languages, and then ask for that principle to be applied to help Nym race from planet to planet. 

Each correct answer earns the ability to move on to the next question. After those 21 questions, players earn a $25 CodeWizardsHQ gift card and access to the boss level. To defeat the boss, they will need to write a short program in Python or JavaScript. Anyone who writes a successful program will be placed in the Hall of Champions for a public vote. The top 3 winners will receive a t-shirt and cash prize of $100, $50, and $25 for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, respectively.

Play the Code Challenge

To play the Code Challenge, register and create an account

After that, login to your account from April 5 – 25 to play. 

Students will receive a new question every day on the Code Challenge platform to complete their mission. 

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Code Challenge for Educators & Teachers

We’re also inviting educators and teachers to join in on the fun. Teachers can sign up their entire class to play together. Teachers who register 50 or more students will receive a free t-shirt and, if 80% of the class completes the first 21 questions, teachers will also have a chance to win a $500 technology grant. Get the details and register

So, why wait? The Code Challenge is free and open to kids 8-18.

Register today and let’s play!