Meet Aberrash who is learning to code at CodeWizardsHQ, along with her siblings. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm are what have led her to be our Student of the Month!

When Aberrash took her first coding class, she wasn’t sure what to expect. Encouraged by her mom, she had agreed to give it a try, but it wasn’t long before she became a coding enthusiast.

“I’m glad I am learning code now. It’s fun. It fits into my schedule and I am able to participate in my other activities,” Aberrash says.

Aberrash with hoodie

In addition to working on her own projects, Aberrash loves helping other students when they’re stuck. Looking ahead, she says she expects to pursue a career in which she helps others understand technology. From a creative perspective, she wants to continue making video games and developing websites.

Her coding experience has led her to try new programming challenges, like learning Lua which is used in the Roblox game. Eventually, she would like to program video games and help others understand technology too.

Her favorite CodeWizardsHQ project is a music player she completed using HTML/CSS. A tribute to the American singer, producer, and actress, Beyonce, the site includes a history of her career to date and photos of her album covers. When you click on the photos, you’ll be treated to a music video. You’ll have to try it yourself to find out which video you’ll see!

The anime series, “Sailor Moon,” was the theme of another project. Using JavaScript, Aberrash created a simple game with names of the series’ characters rapidly flashing across the screen. When you visit the page and take a screenshot, you’ll be given the name of the Sailor Moon character that represents you.

Aberrash loves bringing her interests and hobbies into her coding projects. She uses them for inspiration in design and that makes her programs more fun.

Aberrash at cirque

Spot, the Boston Dynamics robot, is the star of a text messaging project built by Aberrash. When you visit the page and type in a message to Spot, he’ll text you a reply.

Having taken several CodeWizardsHQ classes, Aberrash says the teachers are great because they know how to make coding interesting and fun. Some of the projects are challenging, but the teachers are patient and work with students when they have problems. She especially enjoys the chat room where students can share their projects with each other.

Aberrash also enjoys sharing projects with her family. “After her classes, Aberrash and I often talk about how her projects went,” says her mom Sarah. “As a parent, you want to make sure you have prepared your children for their future. I believe coding will be part of the standard school curriculum, right along with reading, writing, and arithmetic. Coding will be an important part of the automated world we are moving towards.”

Aberrash’s sister and brother are also taking classes at CodeWizardsHQ because Sarah believes that coding, along with emotional intelligence and creativity, will help each of them navigate their future academic and career goals.

Each of her children has unique needs, she says. Aberrash enjoys coding and likes being challenged. Her sister, who doesn’t fully see how coding can help her in other academic areas, needs more encouragement. Her brother, who has dyslexia, needs more support and reassurance. 

Aberrash with siblings

CodeWizardsHQ is Sarah’s school of choice because of its ongoing learning opportunities and customer service.

“I can talk to a real live person when I have questions. I like the support available for the students and the access to instructors outside the classroom,” she says. “On several occasions, other parents have asked me about CodeWizardsHQ, and I can only give good reviews from my experience.”

Sarah sees a strong relationship between learning to code and the personal growth of her children.

“They have to continue to challenge themselves and overcome problems. This cycle repeats in coding and throughout life,” she says.

Sarah, Aberrash’s Mom

Aberrash finds that the hardest part of her coding journey has been understanding code, but the easiest part is being prepared to learn. Like her, any kid can try coding and might just become an enthusiast too. 

Here is what Aberrash’s Teacher, Lauren, had to say about her:

Aberrash is outgoing and and a team player . When another student is stuck or in need of help she steps up to the plate to help with de-bugging.

Lauren Dove, CodeWizardsHQ Teacher

Aberrash’s Standout Projects:

At CodeWizardsHQ, Our Students Are Our Top Priority.

We are lucky to have Aberrash and her family as a part of our community!

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