March is the month where we celebrate International Women’s Day, and in honor of that, many of our resources this month are focused on the impact that women have had on coding. From board game building coders to the very first programmer, Ada Lovelace, these ladies prove that STEM is better with women.

Using JavaScript Code

1. What is JavaScript Used For? More Than You Realize

JavaScript hasn’t always been as flexible as it is now, but with every increase in its capabilities it becomes useful for plenty of new things. A great explainer on some of the uses for JavaScript.

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Covid and stem

2. I Lost My Sister to COVID. This is How I’m Honoring Her Memory

Dr. Koshi Dhingra shares the touching way she is using her sister’s memory to inspire young girls to pursue a love of STEM. This one is a tear jerker and worth a read.

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Women in STEM

3. Women in STEM: Paving the Way for Future Female Leaders

Sphero does a great job of celebrating the strides that women have made in the fields of science and engineering. There’s still a long way to go, but it’s good to see a company promoting diversity.

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Samaira Coder Bunnyz

4. Samaira Mehta shows other kids the fun of coding by inventing board games

I don’t think I’m alone in my love for board games. They’re fun. But the idea that kids could learn the basics of coding through something as fun and approachable as a board game? Pure genius created by a 12-year-old coder.

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Mars Perseverance Kids Competition

5. Countdown to Mars: How NASA involved kids in its Perseverance rover mission

Watching the Perseverance landing footage was one amazing experience. Finding out how these kids were involved makes it even better! This was a great choice by NASA.

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6. These STEM Kits Help Kids Explore Tech Entrepreneurship at a Young Age

STEM kits are a ready-made way to get your kids exploring technology. They come packed with everything you need to get started and provide a fun opportunity to dive right in to the learning.

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Extra Screen Time for Kids

7. Why it’s OK to give your kid extra screen time during the pandemic

As a parent of young children myself, this article came as a breath of fresh air. Screen time comes with a whole host of benefits, including an early familiarity with technology. What a relief!

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Kids Coding

8. 11 Awesome STEM Toys for Kids

Students can and are using coding to solve problems in their community. By collaborating on useful projects, kids can learn important skills such as time management, professional communication, and organization, all while making a difference.

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Coding Classes

9. How Tech Leaders Can Help Shape the Future of K-12 Education with Ed-techWorth It?

K-12 education has changed and e-learning and edtech are shaping the future of education. These are great ways tech leaders are getting involed to make sure kids keep learning.

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Ada Lovelace

10. The Importance Of Recognising Women’s Contributions To STEM

It’s not widely known, but women have been doing programming for as long as it has been a field. In fact, the very first programmer was a woman named Ada Lovelace. Check out her story to find out more!

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