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Course Description

Students demonstrate their Python programming proficiency in the Wizard Level 2 Capstone, the final course in Wizard Level 2 of our elementary program. A capstone course aims to ensure that students can apply what they’ve learned throughout Wizard Level 2 to real-world programming projects. The projects will focus on built-in/user-defined functions, how to manage data with Python’s native data structures, and techniques for modularizing programs. When students finish the Wizard Level 2 Capstone, they’ll be ready to tackle the next major topic in our structured curriculum: learning the fundamentals of web development with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in Wizard Level 3.

Elementary school girl in class

Learning Objectives

When students complete the Wizard Level II Capstone course, they will be able to:

  • Write more modular programs by creating user-defined functions and breaking programs into multiple source files.
  • Manage data effectively using Python’s native list and dictionary data structures.
  • Demonstrate creativity and independence by building larger apps and games with less direction from instructors.
Level I


These courses must be completed before Logic with Python:

Class Schedule

All students start in Animation and Gaming in Scratch at Wizard Level I. If you have previous coding experience, take the Advanced Placement test. Returning students can continue with the class where they left off.

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Course Duration & Time Commitment
All courses are 12 weeks long. A Wizard will receive a certification for their achievement at the end of the course.

Expect a weekly time commitment of 2-3 hours. 55 minutes of class time, plus 1-2 hours of practice time, with instructor support throughout, including weekends.

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Our goal is to make all our students successful. If your child is not happy with our program, please notify us within the first four class sessions and you will receive a full refund. See refund details.

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