Introducing Two New Camps!

Every parent knows how quickly their children’s initial summer excitement fades to complaints of boredom. Engaging kids and teens in both fun and educational activities can be tough. Luckily, CodeWizardsHQ has it covered this summer with Minecraft and Roblox-themed camps and two new exciting choices, Fortnite and Artificial Intelligence. Each camp is suitable for beginners and developed for elementary, middle, and high school learning levels.

Game Development Camps

Kids and teens can pair their passion for gaming with tech education in 1-week Game Development Camps. CodeWizardsHQ offers more camp choices than ever before this year. In addition to Minecraft and Roblox camps, a new Fortnite camp is sure to thrill enthusiasts of the popular survival game.

Intro to Roblox Game Development

It’s no surprise that kids love Roblox. They can express their creativity and imagination while crafting their own virtual worlds. In Game Development with Roblox, kids and teens ages 8-13 experience the world of Roblox game creation! Students will learn Roblox game development, programming, and design through an exciting project-based curriculum. 

Roblox Camp Activity

Using Roblox Studio and Lua coding language, students build obstacle courses. They will learn how to add elements to their game, like blocks to jump on, health-damaging obstacles, and moving parts. They will be introduced to the fundamentals of Lua programming to enhance their game design. At the end of the camp, students will have a fully developed obstacle course project and the skills to create their own Roblox games.

Intro to Redstone Logic in Minecraft

If kids can imagine it, they can build it with Minecraft. Students ages 11-13 will take their Minecraft experience to the next level in Intro to Redstone Logic in Minecraft and learn new technical concepts with Redstone, an element used for mechanical and electrical programming. 

Minecraft Camp

Students will advance to build logic gates, similar to what electrical engineers use. They’ll also make exciting creations like fireworks machines, TNT traps, and available room detectors. At the end of camp, students will know how to build their own Redstone projects in Minecraft. They will learn key concepts of coding and engineering and have a whole new world opened to them for what they can create in Minecraft. 

Game Development with Unreal Editor for Fortnite

Your teen has no doubt discovered Fortnite, a game that features a blend of survival, exploration, and scavenging with last-one-standing gameplay. Students, 11-18 in Game Development with Unreal Editor for Fortnite will dive into the exciting process of crafting a personalized Fortnite game from scratch.

Fortnite Camp Activity

Using Unreal Editor for Fortnite, a professional game engine, students will craft their own unique gaming experience. The curriculum covers the incorporation of key game components such as structures, vehicles, adversaries, and beyond. By the camp’s end, attendees will have finalized their exclusive Fortnite game and acquired the expertise to independently craft additional games.

AI and Machine Learning Camp

Boys in AI class

In a new two-day AI and Machine Learning Camp, students 8-18 are immersed in the world of artificial intelligence. They will explore machine learning and prepare for the future by tackling real-world problems with the cutting-edge technology of AI.

Students will engage in training, testing, and enhancing a machine learning model endowed with the ability to identify patterns in images through Computer Vision technology. This process will equip them with the knowledge to incorporate this model into a web application, providing them with practical experience in deploying AI solutions. 

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Camps are scheduled throughout the summer and meet for two hours each day virtually from the convenience of home. Summer camps, featuring Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite, and AI, offer unforgettable experiences, skill-building opportunities, and summer excitement, earning CodeWizardsHQ the #1 summer camp rating on Trustpilot. Join the fun and enroll your child or teen this summer!