Meet Abby and Elliot, siblings who are learning how to code together at CodeWizardsHQ and whose hard work and dedication have led them to be our Students of the Month!

“We think coding will be as common as literature, and not knowing coding will make you illiterate.” Abby & Elliot’s Parents

Abby & Elliot’s Favorite Projects:

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Abby, Elliot, and their family were kind enough to answer a few questions about their coding adventure.

Abby & Elliot’s Answers

Q. What’s your coding background?

A: Elliot took a Python course before CWHQ, but Abby did not. 

Q. What are some things you like about learning to code with CWHQ?

A: There are multiple projects that involve different aspects of the coding languages and you can make projects on your own by experimenting with different things. 

Q. What are your family’s hobbies?

A: They are reading, sports (tennis/soccer, swimming), board games, and cooking. 

Q. What subjects do you enjoy in school?

A: Abby enjoys art, ELA, and Spanish. Elliot enjoys science, math, and orchestra. 

Q. Anything else fun and interesting you’d like to share about your family?

A: When we go on vacation (rarely), we pack food and cook it in the hotel, since our dad is a super-cook and can combine almost anything into a gourmet meal. 

Abby & Elliot’s Parents’ Answers

Q. How did you find out about CodeWizardsHQ?

A: I saw the advertisement from the school district’s webpage. 

Q. Do you have a specific experience or story you’d like to share that your student has shared related to your classes at CWHQ?

A: Caleb (the oldest) started the class first and really enjoyed it, but, when Abby and Elliot started, our family was going through a difficult time. I was diagnosed with cancer last year and my husband was out of a job for two years. We really appreciate the scholarships CodeWizards has provided us. 

Q. How do you think coding is going to impact your family in the future?

A: We think coding will be as common as literature, and not knowing coding will make you illiterate. 

Q. What goals or dreams do you have around coding for your children?

A: Caleb would like to major in computer science. 

Abby & Elliot have graduated from Python, HTML/CSS, and soon JavaScript in the middle school coding program.

Here is what their teacher, Margaret Choi, had to say about them:

“Abby and Elliot brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm to class. They are both very smart and creative, which you can see in their projects. Abby had a running theme throughout hers and Elliot incorporated his hobbies and interests. I really enjoyed seeing them help and support each other to be successful.” 

CodeWizardsHQ Teacher, Margaret Choi

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We are lucky to have Abby, Elliot, and their family as a part of our CodeWizardsHQ community!

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