There has been a huge push for introducing kids to computer science over the last decade. Due to this push, many different tech companies and non-profit organizations are making an effort to create educational coding opportunities for young students.

This month’s Top 10 gives you a peek at what a few companies are doing to help boost computer literacy, as well as shows you some interesting information on how some organizations are trying to increase women’s presence in computer science fields.

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Boy meeting Pamela Northam

1. ‘We need minds of all kinds’ | VA First Lady wants science and early education to be her legacy

Pamela Northam, Virginia’s first lady, has been pushing for more hands-on STEM education in the state of Virginia. Her latest push has been creating a science museum in Richmond.

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STEM debate for women

2. STEM’s Ongoing Sex-Difference Debate

As we begin to improve our research methods, the way that we interpret data has changed, including data that talks about why more men than women are going into STEM.

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Girls who code classes

3. Girls Who Code takes on gender gap in computer science

With fewer than one in five computer science majors being female, a serious gender gap has presented itself in the world of computing. Girls Who Code is working to tackle this issue.

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Coding for girls at Cleveland Library

4. Introducing girls to coding

Are you looking for ideas for how to boost women’s participation in computer science? See how one Cleveland library took initiative by pairing with a national nonprofit.

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Science & tech at Sharks game

5. Kids learn about the science and tech behind a Sharks game

As businesses start relying more heavily on computers, the need for programmers is rising. Introducing programming concepts does not have to involve just sitting in front of a computer, however. In fact, it could involve the intersection between hockey and AI.

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STEM in elementary school

6. Elementary teachers get training on new STEM curriculum

Many schools around the United States are starting to realize that getting students interested in STEM should start early. One Florida district has chosen to take the issue head-on by holding STEM training for elementary school teachers.

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Le Wagon global coding bootcamp

7. Le Wagon raises $19M to build a global coding bootcamp

Getting a coding education is easier than ever with global efforts like this cropping up. One French company bootstrapped their way to success by offering a product that is flexible and increasingly important.

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Spring break camp activity

8. 9 Spring Break Camps and Activities to Do with Your Kids This Year

Still looking for a summer activity for your kid? Make sure to check out this list of summer break camps! Options range anywhere from learning about different cultures to learning how to code!

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Coding toy set

9. Kids Can Learn the Basics of Coding With This Toy Train Set That Uses Tape for Tracks

There’s more than one way to teach kids how to code. See how this cool toy train set helps young children learn fundamental programming concepts.

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Teacher showing student camp selections

10. Coding for Kids: A Guide to Choosing a Coding Camp

Many parents are starting to enroll their kids in coding camps. However, what factors to account for when trying to pick the perfect program can sometimes be hard to figure out. Thankfully, this compiles a list of different things to take into consideration.

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