While every coding journey starts with learning the basics of a particular programming language, practicing those basics is just as important. There’s no better way to master your JavaScript programming skills than to put them to work with a project, like building a game or web app.

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An important part of learning to code is just to practice as much as possible. Programming a JavaScript project not only helps you practice what you’ve already learned, but also helps you recognize bugs in the code and how to fix them. 

Kids Can Learn JavaScript

JavaScript is a dynamic coding language that is most often used to make websites and web applications interactive. JavaScript is what lets you click on menu bars, fill out web forms, and basically do anything on websites besides read text. You can practice all of these skills with a simple JavaScript project as an example. While HTML and CSS code provides the bones of a website, such as the text on the page and its format, JavaScript code is what makes a website really come to life. 

JavaScript is a great programming language for kids and beginners since it’s easy to learn and its interactive functions make it fun to learn, too! JavaScript lets you add animations and videos to a website and you can even use it to code your own games.

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What You Can Create with JavaScript

There are lots of JavaScript projects for beginners, which is part of the reason it’s such a great language for kids to learn. Some work in conjunction with other programming languages, like HTML and CSS, while others use JavaScript alone. Here are some of the fun things you can create with JavaScript:

Where Can I Practice JavaScript?

There are lots of websites where you can start to learn the basics of JavaScript code or practice what you’ve learned so far. Many include tutorials that walk you through just the fundamentals. Key concepts covered may include JavaScript syntax, variables, functions, and operators. Others include full JavaScript projects for beginners to code. These websites don’t really teach JavaScript code, but provide a place for you learn through practice.

What Makes The Best JavaScript Projects

The best JavaScript projects for kids feature key fundamentals of JavaScript in a way that makes learning fun. Consider what you’re most interested in building, whether that’s a website, game, or app, and then look for those types of projects. The best projects also have clear directions for every step and point out when you can easily customize certain features.

You also want to make sure you choose projects that match the JavaScript skills you already have. If you’re completely new to JavaScript, projects that focus on JavaScript basics like using a variable, data types, objects, and functions are ideal. On the other hand, if you already have some experience with JavaScript, you can get into building more complex games and websites, making them interactive and responsive. Just make sure to take it one step at a time. If a project is too challenging, practice the skills you’re unfamiliar with and then go back to it.

7 JavaScript Project Examples for Kids and Beginners

Challenge yourself to code a JavaScript game, website, or app!

📌 [Download] JavaScript Projects Source Code Get the full source code for all seven JavaScript project examples. Download Now

1. Galactic Star Catcher

Reach for the stars and catch them in a simple clicker game. Use JavaScript events to build a Galactic Star Catcher game. This is a game JavaScript project where you practice Math methods to randomize numbers and the position of the star and mouse events to interact by clicking and increasing your score. 

Galactic Star Catcher Project

javascript project star catcher

2. Piano

Write a hit song on your digital piano. Use the keyboard to play the piano keys and code a slider to control the volume. Fun, simple practice for arrays, using sound files, and keyboard events.

Piano Project

piano project

3. Alarm Clock

Start the day with your JavaScript alarm clock. Get input from users with a web browser prompt to set how long your alarm is. You can practice using the timer and interval functions to control your alarm. Try using the console to debug your code.

Alarm Clock Project

javascript alarm clock project

4. Spaceship Landing

Land a spaceship safely on its platform and become a hero. In this project, shift the spaceship right and left using JS keyboard events. Programming this web game will help you practice if statements and for loops.

Spaceship Landing

js project for kids spaceship

5. Image Slider

A popular feature of many websites, display your favorite images using an image slider. Code buttons to move forward and back through your slideshow. You’ll get to practice the code for click events and using animation.    

Slider App Project

js project for kids slider

6. Paint App

Digital images are made of pixels and you’ll get to draw your own images by building a Paint App. Use CSS to select a web color and draw a new masterpiece in pixels. Keep your code DRY using loops with your data. Practice programming in jQuery and manipulate HTML attributes.

Paint App Project

paint app project

7. Word Scramble Project

You can play this classic word scramble game with friends and family. Use JavaScript and jQuery to build a simple game. Practice using inputs to get answers from the user and display information with browser alerts. 

Word Scramble Project

javascript project word scramble

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