In the dynamic world of tech, career paths are often less linear and more of a network of possibilities. One inspiring example of such a journey is Caleb Flores, whose transition from a biomedical science major to a CodeWizards instructor highlights a fascinating shift driven by passion and the influence of community. Caleb’s story isn’t just about changing majors; it’s a testament to the transformative power of technology and education.

Caleb’s Journey to Coding Instructor

Caleb and Malcolm

Caleb’s initial academic pursuit was in biomedical science at Arizona State University, where he planned to dive into the complexities of physical therapy. By his junior year, however, his interest waned. “I quickly got disinterested in that,” Caleb admits, shedding light on the doubts many students face when their chosen paths no longer align with their passions.

The pivot in Caleb’s career trajectory came unexpectedly through a friend deeply entrenched in the tech world. This friend, enthusiastic about the possibilities within technology, hosted a small gathering where Caleb’s curiosity about coding was piqued. “He sold me on tech pretty easily,” Caleb recalls. It was a combination of timely advice and an open mind that steered him to a new direction.

Realizing that a traditional four-year degree might not be his pathway, Caleb explored alternative educational formats. “I saw that there are actually boot camps where you can learn tech,” he explains. This realization led him to enroll in App Academy, an intensive coding boot camp with a curriculum that promised direct entry into the tech industry. Reflecting on his decision to switch to a boot camp, Caleb shares, “It was more focused on an actual software engineering role.”

The rigorous training at App Academy was nothing short of transformative for Caleb. “About 65 hours a week,” he notes about the commitment required, highlighting the intense focus and dedication needed to succeed. 

Post-graduation, Caleb felt equipped and eager to enter the tech field, but his journey took another turn. 

“I have always been a teacher at heart. Throughout school, I was a wrestler. I coached part-time and taught, and it was no surprise that when I was at App Academy, I found myself in a tutor role there. We were running after-school tutoring sessions. I loved that role, but I didn’t consider going the teaching route until I saw the CodeWizards listing.”

Teaching at CodeWizardsHQ

Caleb's pups

Caleb appreciated the curriculum and variety of age groups at CodeWizards and decided to apply. He has been an instructor at CodeWizards for a year, where he brings his enthusiasm for coding to young learners. Caleb teaches all age groups: elementary, middle, and high school. He enjoys teaching each coding language but particularly likes anything related to web development. In addition, Caleb cites one particular class as his favorite: the first Python class where text coding is introduced.

“The first time they move off of Scratch when they first get into typing, the excitement level is through the roof. Anytime I get to that point, it’s pretty fun.”

Caleb enjoys high-energy classes and mentions a scenario that is fulfilling as an instructor.

“Many times, when the kids have such excitement for knowledge and someone asks a question, I don’t even have to do anything. I just let the other four or five students tackle each other to answer the question because they like showing their knowledge, and I can tell that knowing the answer to this question is a good thing for them, which shows me that they really like what they’re learning. It’s up to me to deliver that information so they can keep that energy level.”

Caleb also appreciates what he calls the “entry-level wonder” of the way kids’ brains work. “When you’re explaining a concept, the analogies that they can come up with are always so young and fresh. It makes me appreciate coding in a different way.”

Hobbies and Downtime

Caleb and girlfriend

Caleb brings the same energy and passion to his hobbies and personal life as he does to his professional endeavors. He has recently discovered a love of landscaping and has immersed himself in reinventing his mom’s yard. Caleb is a self-described huge sports fan and enjoys the many professional sports options available in his hometown of Dallas, TX. He also has two new rescue dogs to keep him busy: a Rottweiler German shepherd mix named Lucas and a chocolate lab named Malcolm.

Caleb’s story is an example of how the tech industry thrives on diverse backgrounds and unconventional career paths. His journey underscores the importance of adaptability, continuous learning, and the power of a supportive community. CodeWizards is fortunate to have instructors like Caleb who not only inspire a passion for coding but also focus on the excitement of creation and problem-solving, building an environment where young minds feel empowered to explore and innovate.