With school right around the corner, de-stress by taking a look at some of these interesting articles. Explore everything from young tech geniuses to interesting coding challenges!

Mark Zuckerberg, Tech Genius

1. 5 Tech Geniuses – How They Got Started

Have you ever wondered how some of the most influential technology personalities, like Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos, came to be where they are today? They started young, see what these tech geniuses and others were doing as young as age 10.

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 JavaScript Coding Challenges

2. JavaScript Practical Coding Challenges For Beginners

If your child is learning to code in JavaScript, try handing them one or all 50+ of these challenges! These fun challenges are specifically for JavaScript beginners and will help your kid cement their programming skills.

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Virtual Cyber Camp

3. Virtual Camp Teaches Kids Cyber Skills

There are always tech opportunities for students if you know where to look. The University of Delaware held a cyber security camp for over 60 middle schoolers where they learned cryptography. Check out this cool virtual camp!

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CoderBunnyz Samaira Mehta

4. This 12-year-old CEO is offering free coding, AI classes during COVID-19

CoderBunnyz’ 12 year old CEO Samaira Mehta is at it again offering free coding classes! Her goal is to teach one billion kids to code by 2030 and we are here for it. See how CoderBunnyz is doing their part for kids coding.

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Botzees Robots

5. Pai aims to unearth creativity and coding skills in children through Botzees robot

Kids can learn how to code with a variety of cool and exciting STEM toys and robots. See how Pai, a Chinese tech company, is creating fun coding kits to strengthen students’ STEM skills with tablets, robots, and smartwatches for kids.

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Coding championship

6. Riverina coding championship for year 7 to 10 students

Charles Sturt University partnered with Riverina Anglican College to put on a fun coding competition for 7th to 10th graders! It’s always great getting to see a group of kids flexing their coding skills and they hope to help the region’s best coders to get up to speed with the very latest in coding.

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Coding contest winner

7. East Cape pupils shine in coding contest

Almost 500 students joined a coding competition in Eastern Cape, but 16 year old Mdantsane whizz-kid Zukhanye Swartbooi scored the highest points in the Mandela Day BOATS coding tournament. See what his grand prize was and how it will help him further his coding education.

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Teaching kids to help

8. How to teach kids to use tech to help others

Students can and are using coding to solve problems in their community. By collaborating on useful projects, kids can learn important skills such as time management, professional communication, and organization, all while making a difference.

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STEM tutorials with Arya Peruma

9. Mississauga teen making a difference with STEM tutorials

Arya Peruma, grade 10, is a teen passionate about helping her community and has dedicated her time to helping teach middle and high school students how to code. Not only is she scoring points for college admissions, but improving her own coding skills and giving back to local kids. Beautiful!

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Resource guide STEM

10. Resource Guide to DIY STEM Projects for Teens

Personal projects are a huge plus on any college resume. If you are interested in boosting your child’s resume by having them complete their own projects, but aren’t sure where to start, I highly recommend reading these DIY STEM projects for teens.

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