After everything that has happened over the last month, we know parents are looking for more ways to keep their kids happy and learning. At least, that’s what we’re doing.

To make it even more challenging, we have to do this all from home. That’s why we’re dedicating this month’s top 10 to giving you ideas for fun ways to keep your kids busy and productive.

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1. Get your children programming while playing with these resources on coding for kids

A nice list of programming resources for kids of all ages. Topics range from fun coding battle games to CSS games. Get your child started on learning future-ready website development skills today!

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2. 32 incredible coding toys that every kid will want

Is your kiddo more of a tactile learner? These motorized, wooden, and stuffed toys are packed with fun and, of course, educational too. Don’t split time between learning and play, these toys will help your kid learn how to code!

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3. Coding Resources & Challenges for Kids

Here is a list of great coding programs and coding challenges that could reap both academic awards and cool prizes. This article provides both paid and free choices for your kid’s computer science education!

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4. Now Is the Time to Teach Your Kids to Code

If you’re not fully convinced that now is the time to teach your kid how to code, read this article. This article will give you some great advice as to how to get your child started.

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5. Best Apps to Help Kids Learn and Stay Occupied under Coronavirus Lockdown

If you want to put your phone or tablet to good use, put your kid in front of one of these great apps. These apps help to build on important STEM principles that can help support your kid’s programming education!

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6. Microsoft launches DreamSpace resources for kids, parents and teachers

See what Microsoft is doing to help teach kids how to code. Dreamspace offers students a great opportunity to learn programming through interesting webinars.

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7. 20 learning apps for stir-crazy kids

Here’s a list of resources specifically made for kids that can’t sit still! This article offers transparent choices for apps, giving them both a comprehensive description and also their exact prices.

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8. 9 Coding Games for Your Bright Child to Learn Programming

If your kid likes learning by playing video games, make sure you introduce them to one of these 9 coding games. On top of being very fun, these games are also very free!

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9. Twilio updates its TwilioQuest 3 game to teach kids to code while at home

TwiliaQuest is an action adventure game that teaches kids how to code. See what all the hype is about by reading this neat article!

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10. How to Get Your Child Interested in Data Science

Since data science is an important and expanding field, it would be a great idea to get your kid started early! Get the inside scoop on how to get your kid interested in this emerging and crucial field.

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