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Course Description

Students in User Interface Development learn how to create stunning, interactive websites utilizing a variety of tools and techniques such as jQuery, Ajax, flexbox, CSS, API interfaces, and cookies in addition to standard HTML. Students produce useful web applications as well as a portfolio-quality final project utilizing interfaces to several popular applications. The complex programming included in this course is made fun and easy through engaging projects students love.

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Learning Objectives

When students complete User Interface Development, they will be able to:

  • Understand foundational and advanced JavaScript/jQuery/Ajax skills 
  • Use advanced CSS symmetry and layout techniques
  • Interface to popular APIs to increase data sharing and functionality
Level II


These courses must be completed before User Interface Development:

  • Wizard Level 1

User Interface DevelopmentExpand All Lessons
  • JavaScript Refresher
    1. JavaScript Refresher

    In this lesson, students review JavaScript functions, basic collision detection and animations to produce a fun pirate treasure hunt game. Students review score keeping and adding sound effects. Key CSS concepts are also reviewed to build a foundation for future skills used in the course.

  • Let’s Learn Inputs
    2. Let’s Learn Inputs

    In this session, students create a spell-binding web page which prompts the user for input and checks the answer to reveal a secret message. Additional jQuery animations are introduced in this session. The HTML input tag, CSS transparency, and JavaScript logic are used to create a truly magical page.

  • Inputs Part 2
    3. Inputs Part 2

    In this session, students use radio button input and drop-down lists to create a game utilizing images that hide after 60 seconds. Questions about the image are asked and answers are checked for correctness. JavaScript, jQuery, and HTML skills are used to build this complex game.

  • Validations
    4. Validations

    In this session, students learn how to validate user input so that errors can be caught and corrected. Students create a form that collects name and email information. Data is validated for format and length.

  •  Let’s Learn Flexbox
    5. Let’s Learn Flexbox

    In this session, students learn how to create symmetrically pleasing layouts using flexbox. Students create an interesting mine-sweeper style game using flexbox, CSS and JavaScript. Interactivity is added by creating clickable elements on the page.

  • Photo Editor I - Mid-Term Project
    6. Photo Editor I – Mid-Term Project

    In part one of this mid-term project, students create an interactive photo editor. Students utilize flexbox, jQuery, HTML, and CSS to create a dynamic and useful photo editor.

  • Photo Editor II - Mid-Term Project
    7. Photo Editor II – Mid-Term Project

    In part two of this mid-term project, students complete an interactive photo editor. Students utilize flexbox, jQuery, HTML, and CSS to create a dynamic and useful photo editor. The result is an impressive portfolio quality project utilizing skills learned so far in this course. 

  • Media Queries
    8. Media Queries

    In this session, students learn how to use media queries to handle styling for different screen sizes. Users view websites and apps on computers, phones, tablets and other media. Students will use the meta tag to control the browser view. With the CSS media queries they’ll code a tree that grows as the screen expands.

  •  jQuery UI with CSS Combinators
    9. jQuery UI with CSS Combinators

    In this session, students utilize the jQuery UI Library to add interactions, widgets and effects. Students are introduced to CSS child, parent, and sibling combinators and create an interactive, sortable task list web application

  • Local Storage
    10. Local Storage

    In this session, students store data for the first time using local storage in their browser. They build a notepad application that can read and write data. Students also use attributes to make content editable within tags creating truly dynamic content.

  • Activity Tracker - Final Project
    11. Activity Tracker – Final Project

    In this session, students utilize their HTML/CSS and jQuery skills to build an activity tracker app. They’ll start with the design and framework by adding styles and a dropdown input. Students also build a helpful timer feature to track activity minutes.

  • Activity Tracker II - Final Project
    12. Activity Tracker II – Final Project

    In this session, students complete their activity tracker app. They’ll store their activities in local storage and can show a progress bar to users. The final product is a fully functional application that helps kids get moving!

Class Schedule

All students start in Intro to Programming at Wizard Level I. If you have previous coding experience, take the Advanced Placement test. Returning students can continue with the class where they left off.

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Course Duration & Time Commitment
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