Technology innovation is exploding at a pace never before seen in history. Parents and students are paying attention and taking action.  Learning programming and coding skills isn’t a luxury – it’s a critical path for success.

Here are 10 resources for parents interested in coding for their children.

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boy giving tech presentation

Scott Hiett: The Next Generation of Computer Science

Scott Hiett is a 15 year old developer and co-owner of a successful company. He took the initiative to teach himself how to code.

girl ceo giving a presentation

11 Years OLD and a CEO!

Samaira Mehta is 11 years old and recognizes the importance of learning to code at a young age.  She formed her own company to teach coding skills to younger students.

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Will coding become a basic life skill?

Experts agree that learning to code is a life skill in the near future.  Although experts debate about future technology, there’s no doubt that students who learn to code now are ahead of the game.

woman buying robot for kid

Looking for a high-tech gift for a young child? Think playgrounds, not playpen.

It’s ideal to introduce computational thinking skills early. The array of educational toys and games can be overwhelming.  Marina Umaschi Bers gives some expert advice on how to choose wisely.

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How Are Computer Programming Languages Created?

There are new programming languages being developed seemingly over-night.  This article explores the complexity and considerations that go into creating a new programming language.


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How Goldman Sachs is teaching its analysts about data science and programming languages

Programming is becoming a core skill for investment analysts.  Harness the power of data science to make informed decisions.

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Top 10 programming languages employers want the most

There are over 500,000 open programming jobs in the US. The programming languages that are in highest demand by business are not always the most popular among developers.

middle school bridge to success for coding

What’s Missing in Middle School?

Coding in middle school is a bridge to future success. Learning how to code provides unique benefits critical to success in life.

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Five teens who changed the world

Teenagers are amazingly creative, passionate and resourceful.  These inspiring teenagers have directly and indirectly utilized technology to change the world for the better.

the state of developer ecosystem in 2019 infographic

New report shows shakeup amongst top programming languages – SD Times

Experts predict Python will surpass Java as the programming language skill most valued by business.  Adding Python skills will help build a bright future.