Meet the Kamaraj Family from Chickapee, Massachusetts, and find out how learning to code with CodeWizardsHQ has led Tanya to be our Student of the Month!

“[CodeWizardsHQ] Makes Kids Ready For The Future”

         – The Kamaraj Family 

Here are some of Tanya’s Favorite Projects:

CodeWizardsHQ’s community spreads around the world. We are lucky to have amazing families like the Kamaraj family! They have two children, Tanya, 11, and Tarun, 6.

Tanya and her parents were kind enough to answer a few questions about their #codingadventure.

From Tanya:

Q. What’s your coding background?

My coding background is either a galaxy or a neon background.

Q: What are your family’s hobbies?

My family’s hobbies are either cooking and biking, walking outside.

Q: What subjects do you enjoy in school?

In school, the subjects that I enjoy are computers, art, gym, and music.

Q: Anything else fun and interesting you’d like to share about your family?

My dad owns a restaurant and I like to do dance and soccer!!!

Q: How did you find out about CodeWizardsHQ?

A friend told us about it so now we both do coding!

Q: What are some things you like about learning to code with CWHQ?

They teach in a fun way so I love coding, especially when we tinker in the CSS with box and text shadows and animations!!!

From her parents;

Q: Do you have a specific experience or story you’d like to share that your student has related to you about classes at CWHQ?

Teachers at CodewizardsHQ are great! Tanya learns so much every week and now it’s her favorite thing to do!

Q: Where does coding fit in your family’s future?

My son, Tarun he wants to do coding so once he is old enough, he will do coding!

Q: What goals or dreams do you have for your children in relation to coding?

Tanya loves coding so much that she wants to keep on doing it, and wants to get an internship!

Tanya has taken three courses at CodeWizardsHQ. Here is what one of her teachers, Sabreena, has to say about her:

Tanya is a joy to have in class. She is always enthusiastic and cheerful. She is extremely ambitious in her projects and puts her own spin on everything. She is also dedicated, making sure she didn’t miss class even when on vacation in India! Not to mention, she always has the best snacks. 🙂 

At CodeWizardsHQ, we know our students are our top priority!

Thanks for allowing us to spotlight Tanya!

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