Scientific studies continue to support the educational and developmental benefits of learning how to code. This month’s Top 10 provides several articles detailing the benefits of learning how to code along with industry news and some great holiday and winter coding activities for kids of all ages.

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Coding Resources for Kids Why Learn 01

1. Why all children must learn code

In the past four decades, several studies have assessed the effect of learning code on primary school children – usually between the ages of six and 13. In each case, the findings show that it is beneficial to children, irrespective of their career path later on in life.

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Coding Resources for Kids, Gen X 02

2. Why GenX and GenY Should Take up Coding as a Skillset

In this article by Shivram Choudhary, Founder of Codevidhya, the many advantages of learning how to code are explained including benefits to brain development, entrepreneurial skills, and developing analytical thinking.

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Coding Resources for Kids, Coding Languages at Google 03

3. The coding languages that will get you a job at Google

It turns out most Googlers are all about Python, Javascript, C++ and Java. No surprise. GitHub’s recent State of the Octoverse report had Javascript, Python and Java as the top three programming languages, with C++ ranking 6th.

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Coding Resources for Kids, Gift 03

4. Coding Can Be a Gift to Struggling Students. Let’s Give It to Them

Kimberly Rues states in her article,In every classroom where I’ve given kids the chance to dig into coding, the students who shine are those who struggle at almost everything else. They very often thrive.”

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Coding Resources for Kids, 8 Reasons Learn to Code 05

5. 8 Reasons Why Every Child Should Learn to Code

When you fail and try again you can learn from your mistakes. Coding gives children the ability to try and try again until they succeed and produce the result they are looking for.

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Coding Resources for Kids, Japanese Parents 06

6. Coding is Coming to Schools: Japanese Parents Want to Give Children Head Start in Computing

Japan will make computer programming lessons compulsory in elementary schools, from 2020, to foster logical thinking and develop information literacy.

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Coding Resources for Kids, Faster Coding 07

7. 6 Tips for Faster Coding

In this age of continuous everything, faster coding is better coding. Being able to write code quickly can be critical for a developer. This article explains how to do it.

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Coding Resources for Kids, Frozen Fun 08

8. Code.Org Offers Engaging Frozen fun!

Let’s use code to join Anna and Elsa as they explore the magic and beauty of ice. You will create snowflakes and patterns as you ice-skate and make a winter wonderland that you can then share with your friends!

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Coding Resources for Kids, Grinch Activity 09

9. The Grinch Hour of Code

An animated and fun adventure to save Christmas! Kids have to gather all of the presents to deliver back to Whoville. The Grinch uses an algorithm to program a Drone to move to pick up presents!

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Coding Resources for Kids, Ascii activity 10

10. Thanksgiving STEAM: Turkey Color by Coding

This fun turkey coloring page is similar to “color by numbers” but instead uses “color by ascii codes”. It’s a great STEAM activity for kids of any age.

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Bonus coding activity: HTML and CSS tutorial for kids. Learn to build a holiday, birthday, or other personalized card. [Try It Now]