Young women continue to make news as they forge a path into STEM and coding careers. This month’s Top 10 highlights recent accomplishments by young women and young innovators, along with several articles featuring the future of science.

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Top10 Coding for Kids, Girl Code Winners

1. Girls Won All Five Top Prizes at the Broadcom Masters STEM Competition

For the first time in its history, girls won all 5 top prizes in the nation’s most prestigious middle school STEM competition. The Broadcom Masters STEM Competition was founded in 2011 and offers a first-place prize of $25,000.

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Top10 Coding for Kids, Adhara

2. 8-Year-Old Mexican Girl, Who Was Bullied and Labeled ‘Weird,’ Has Higher IQ Than Einstein

8 year old Adhara Perez, of Mexico, has an IQ higher than Albert Einstein. She was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of 3 and was bullied in elementary school. She has overcome these challenges and is currently earning two college degrees.

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Unicorn STEM robot

3. Generation Alpha: Learning STEM Skills by Coding Robots

Generation Alpha (also known as the iGeneration), consists of children born between 2010 and 2025. This generation of kids will learn coding through programming robots. Explore several new companies designing entertaining and educational robotics kits for children.

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Top10 Coding for Kids, Game

4. Inspire kids to code with Lanie Learns to Code

“Lanie Learns to Code” is a new book being funded by Kickstarter and written by Helena Ingram. Helena’s book shows young people how coding can be used in their everyday lives. Learn how to support the book and how to order a copy.

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Top10 Coding for Kids, Sara Dunn

5. The Next Software Revolution: Programming Biological Cells

Computational biologist, Sara-Jane Dunn, explains how her team is studying stem cells. They hope to develop “living software” that could transform medicine, agriculture, and medicine. This breakthrough technology field is the next revolution.

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Top10 Coding for Kids, Me & My Robot

6. Me and My Robot Trailer

This documentary trailer for “Me and my Robot” is about the World Robot Olympiad competition. The film demonstrates the value that robotics and STEM programs bring to thousands of young people across the globe. 

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Top10 Coding for Kids, Next Bill Gates

7. Where in the world is the next Bill Gates?

Three brothers from North Carolina just might be the next “Bill Gates”. They are competing in the Congressional App Challenge and created an app called “Teacher Appreciation” that allows students and parents to send messages of gratitude to any teacher.

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World Science Day Sparks

8. World Science Day for Peace and Development

Open Science is a global initiative to make science data and research accessible to all. The benefits would include increased communication, collaboration and research to help solve global health concerns.

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Top10 Coding for Kids, Will Bushee

9. Why a Career in Coding is Worth Pursuing

Tech expert Will Bushee is interviewed in this news clip from Wired Wednesday. He gives advice on how to get started coding and provides some great resources for new coders of any age.

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Top10 Coding for Kids, Young Coders

10. Meet These Indian Coders As Young As Six Who Are Shaping Up A Powerful Digital Future

India is churning out talented young coders faster than any other country on earth. These young coders, ranging from ages 6 to 13, explain the apps they’ve created during their budding careers.

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