Joscelynn and Truett are CodewizardsHQ students with quite a bit in common. This exceptional sibling duo has a passion for coding. They also both take their coding education to the next level with standout projects. Joscelynn and Truett express their uniqueness in out-of-class coding projects and hobbies. Their class performance and interesting independent work make them this month’s Student Spotlight.

Starting a Coding Journey

Joscelynn and Truett first became interested in learning to code on their own. Truett was inspired by his dad, who works in the tech world. Truett believes that coding is an important skill to have. When he decided to take his first coding class, he found that his sister shared his interest in exploring the world of programming.

Truett and Joscelynn

“I remember doing a lot of Blockly projects, and I had fun with that. And then Truett was going to try a coding class, and so I just decided to take it with him and I found out that I liked it too.”

The family searched for a coding program that would be a good fit. They chose CodeWizardsHQ. The class structure stood out to their dad.

“We liked the way the classes built on each other, and it looked like there was a long trajectory of multiple classes and secession. Really, I think that’s what made us ultimately go with CodeWizards.”

CodeWizardsHQ Students

Joscelynn and Truett have been CodeWizardsHQ students since 2020 with an impressive list of classes and skills to show for it. They are currently in the High School Program in Wizard Level II. They recently completed the APIs and Databases course, a class where students begin their journey into the world of full-stack application development.

Truett on the family farm
Truett working on the family farm

Truett’s favorite project was created in the High School Wizard Level I Capstone course. Capstone courses provide students with the opportunity to combine all of the learnings at one level into real-world projects. He liked the “Game Gallery” project where students create Python-based games and compile them into a website using HTML/CSS.

“You make multiple games and you tie them all together with I-frames. I think that was one of my favorites.”

Joscelynn’s favorite project was a Word Scrambler game. She also likes other games where she can employ design elements and CSS.

Both Truett and Joscelynn see a future in coding but in unique and complementary ways. While they both want to be involved in web development, Joscelynn prefers the front-end design and user interface and Truett prefers the back-end site structure and system. They make a great team in that respect.

Hobbies and Interests

In her spare time, Joscelynn enjoys reading, writing, sewing, and photography. She also runs an Etsy shop that sells American girl doll clothing and accessories that she makes.

Joscelynn's doll clothing
Joscelynn’s doll clothing

Truett participates in outdoor activities like hiking and fishing. He also runs large agricultural equipment when he pitches in to work on the family farm. This summer he was a counselor at a summer Minecraft camp. He helped with class management and programmed some tools and extensions for the camp. He’s done this for two years.

Joscelynn and Truett recently combined their coding skills to collaborate on a website. Joscelynn channeled her enthusiasm for doll collecting into an interactive site that can identify American Girl and A Girl for All Time dolls in twenty questions or less. Joscelynn created the user interface with TailwindCSS and did all of the background research on the dolls. Truett programmed the interactive front-end in HTML and AlpineJS and built the infrastructure to host and deploy the web application. The website called ID My Doll is a representation of the impressive skills that these two have acquired and a true example of programming teamwork.

CodeWizardsHQ is fortunate to have Joscelynn and Truett as part of our coding family. Their dedication to mastering coding skills and creating exceptional projects both in and out of the classroom make them wonderful assets to our community. We love their motivation and entrepreneurial spirit and know that they have bright futures ahead of them.

Joscelynn and Truett’s Standout Projects