Our middle school program teaches students Python, HTML/CSS, and JavaScript through interactive projects so kids learn important fundamentals while getting to build fun games and websites. So many of our middle schoolers go above and beyond when it comes to their class assignments, making projects truly their own. Check out a few of these standout projects below, and if you’re interested in getting your student started making projects like these, learn more about all of our coding programs.

Pizza Clicker by Marko

pizza clicker python game

As part of learning functions in our Intro to Programming with Python class, students create a pizza clicker game. Marko did a great job with this assignment, including adding notifications for when you can buy another add on to increase your pizza clicks.

Tank Shooter by Victor

Tank Shooter

Navigate 360 degrees to destroy tanks as they pop up before you lose the game. Watch out, because tanks can appear at any moment, and make sure to watch your back!

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Activity Tracker by Akshith

Activity Tracker

The final project for our Web Interfaces class, this project is part timer, part tracker. Akshith added some fun animations and a bar that counts down to whatever time you set. See what happens when your timer is up!

Pokemon Gotcha by Evan

Pokemon Gotcha

As part of learning jQuery in our Interactive JavaScript course, students create a game to catch Pokemon that randomly appear on the screen. Evan made the game more challenging by adding lots of additional characters, a pop up function showing each character as you catch them, and a sidebar keeping track of what you caught. See how many you can catch!