Many people have asked me about the story of CodeWizardsHQ. My answer is simple, it grew out of love and the desire to make a world of opportunities available to my daughter. I wanted my little girl to follow her dreams and she wanted to learn how to code. The journey wasn’t easy, but now, four years later, we have evolved in incredibly significant ways. 

In order to meet the ever-changing landscape of computer science, our course offerings have expanded from a single track into classes for Elementary, Middle School, High School, and Advanced Placement Computer Science to serve ages 8-18. These provide a robust curriculum that offers a structured and comprehensive coding education complete with a hands-on coding experience through a non-profit internship.

Our student body has also evolved and we now serve a more diverse body of students. CodeWizardsHQ has transcended the local sector and has moved toward global markets. CWHQ now has students around the globe, as far as Australia and Korea. 

Many times, I wonder if parents know how CodeWizardsHQ compares to other companies. Did you know that CodeWizardsHQ’s student completion rate is 93%? The highest in the USA! This is the result of our student-centered, project-based approach. Our commitment to student satisfaction has brought about significant improvements over the last four years in our platform, curriculum, and student-teacher communication. These upgrades have maximized student success, which is reflected in our stellar reviews. Thank you to those that have taken the time to do this! 

Our new courses not only enhance the scope of what students will learn but provide a springboard to future success. Our one-of-a-kind platform and the services our vetted and experienced teachers provide, from office hours to personal emails for students to reach them, speaks to our commitment to student success. We have been and will continue to provide your child with the fun and rewarding learning experience that we’d want for our own children.

At the end of the day, like you, I am foremost a parent. When my head finally hits the pillow, I think about my kids, their schedule, their needs, and their happiness. I know this is what parenting is all about. My hope is that our program at CodeWizardsHQ can give you one less thing to worry about in your child’s academic success.

With that, I invite you to explore our new website! Please take a look at these new features and give us your feedback.

Get the Official Press Release: CodeWizardsHQ Completes Rebrand & Expands Curriculum to Serve Ages 8-18 [Download PDF]