At CodeWizardHQ we believe coding can transform the future. Earth Day is a reminder that we are all part of a big beautiful planet and need to join together to take care of its magnificence.  

Today we salute The Three Kid Inventors. All three of the amazing students below used computational thinking to bring their imagination to life. They saw a possibility and built a life-saving robot, light homes without electricity, and make our world healthier through harnessing green energy!

Coding and computational thinking are not just specialized technicals skills that limit our kids to sitting in front of a screen. They provide the catalyst for making life-changing inventions come to life.  Learn how our program can launch your kids’ possibilities for becoming the innovators of tomorrow:

David Cohen kid inventor

Thirteen-year-old David Cohen created two major potentially life-saving inventions, including one designed to locate earthquake victims and one equipped to prevent mosquito-borne diseases. 3M

David Cohen, Texas. As he learned about earthworms in class he became curious to learn if anyone had created a robotic earthworm. He began to actively inquire about the applications such a robot could have and decided to build one himself! Using the knowledge had had from coding he created a prototype robot. The robot had heat-sensing technology and GPS. The robot served to rescue people from emergencies safely and efficiently!

Nikita, Green Fluorescent Protein House of the Future

(Rafikov Family/Discovery Education)  Nikita Rafikov, 11, built a “House Of The Future” with windows that contain a green fluorescent protein to emit light.

Nikita Rafikov, Georgia. The 11-year-old developed a way to embed GFP, or green fluorescent protein, into windows to create efficient glass and lighting. GFP is the protein found in certain jellyfish that creates those cool bioluminescence effects seen in nature photography. By embedding this protein into windows, Rafikov has found a way to light homes without the use of electricity.

Javier, 9 year-old

(Picture Credit, 10 empreendedores mirins que deram certo Por Daniela Moreira)

Javier Fernandez-Han, Texas. At 9 years old, he knew he wanted the Versatile System, a mix of new and existing technology that uses algae to treat waste, produces methane and bio-oil as fuel, grows food, and traps greenhouse gases.


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